Friday, October 2, 2009

Back.... with a tip

With 3.3 just going live on PTR I had a look at what might make some money once it hits and thus I had a look at what is changing in the crafting professions on the early literature.

Now have a look at most of the Blacksmithing gear, most use Eternal Shadow and with Plate being one of the most worn armors in the game I bet it would only be a matter of time before people start asking for these to be made and thus prices will start to go up.

Hopefully the plans/patterns etc will not be too hard to get as everyone will want a piece of the Item Level 251 pie.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kudos to Blizzard GM's

I have to admit, I was unhappy whent he GM told me that they couldnt restore my bank because the thief had access and rights.

After about 5 min the GM came back to me again and told me he pulled some strings and will get people to investigate my case.

Low and behold, all my stock and hold was sent via in game mail.

Thanx blizzard and the GM's who helped. I can now return to my duties of Gold hunting and teaching.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well your more than likely waiting for an update, well have I got one for you.

After a week of buying stock and selling regulars, we made some good cash and good stock.

I decided to clean out most of the mats and low and behold, we have been cleaned out. Most of our gold stolen and almost all our mats gone.

It was a old Officer from when the guild started. A good friend (or so i thought) who I had kept in the guild with myself and my banking partner as he was offline for some time and I wanted him to know where to find my main when/if he came back.

So here's your lesson. DONT TRUST anyone.

Blizzard is now in the process of reviewing my ticket and thus I might get some of the stuff back or not.

If not its 3000+ G gone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My stock

Well we started yesterday with trying to find stuff we wanna buy and sell.

I netted a good 100G again via pet trading in the AH as selling in /2TRADE gives other people the idea of selling your items for cheaper thus getting the sales and ruining the market.

What I also found is that currently the mats for making Frostweave bags (60x frostweave cloth, 12x Infinite Dust, 2x Eternium Thread [per bag]) are significantly cheaper than what the bag itself is selling for.

On my market the mats amount to about 50-56G per bag and the bag sells for 68+ G thus netting me a good 8+ G profit (after deposits etc), making it a good way to make money and level up my skill.

Also started looking into buying Eternals and found that as usual the market is confused with high and low sellers. Once the low seller is bought out, the prices shoot to the norms again, which is normally high.

Also had a look at pets (other than the usual constant income pets I sell) and found that the market is too volitile to play in and I decided that I wont be losing money on those.

So all in all, we will be looking for cheap stock for the next week or so of Titanium Ore, Eternals and mats for bags and needed items.

I will also be looking into using my main (and paying her a salary/tip) to make things like Spellthreads and bags to make cash.
My partner will be looking into making armor kits to also recieve a constant income.

Eternal Belt buckles are dead on my realm, listing for anything from 28G-45G, thus the market has been killed in the last few months since I last sold those. I will however be keeping an eye on that item as it can turn at any time and with some innovative marketing in trade this selling price could once again be increased.

Tips for new players:
Try and make Netherweave bags if you are a tailor as this is a constantly selling item and will offer a good constant income to supply your training/repairs with gold.

Monday, July 20, 2009

So it starts

Ola dear readers

Seeing as it is the 20th of July 2009, I have to start my new goal of money making with my current setup.

To get you up to speed.
  • Joined up with a guild mate who also has a banker
  • Converted my old guild to banker only guild with us two members
  • Saved up money these last two weeks, in total approx 1500G in guild bank
  • about 200+ G on my banker, dont know about partners banker
What we looking to do, make as much gold as possible in as little time as possible.

Now i know this sounds very generic and its something we all strive for but simply put, my main is steadily heading towards level 80 and pre-naxx gear, Epic Flying, cold weather flying and dual spec needs to be paid for. This means lots of gold will be spent on those things as well as the usual training and repairing.

Now we have the capital and with two users scanning the AH almost at a daily basis it means that we will have a better overview on what will make us a profit and what will not.

With a guild bank (4 tabs) nearly full of stock such as gems, enchanting mats and cloths we have quite a bit of money's worth of stock, but to me thats not enough.
We are looking to expand our stock with the likes of cheap Eternals and Titanium pre patch 3.2 as eternals have a very hectic fluctuating market, meaning great amounts of money can be lost/won in a short period of time and as most of you know titanium ore which WILL fetch a good price after 3.2 as jewelcrafters can prospect for Epic Jewels.

I will also be looking at cheaper non-combat pets as constant income money makers as they normally sell when posted at good prices on weekends in about 1-2 hours, thus netting a 300+ % profit in a very very short perdio of time. Take this over 1 month (4 weekends) and it could become a very profitable business.

I will take screenshots tonight and let you all know what we buying and what we will be using as constant selling stock and what not.

Darkmoon Faire is on the way again and we will be putting two roaming DK bankers at the faire which will be buying cheap stock of herb and leather mats as well as some motes etc for sale later on.
I will also be looking into getting rare Darkmoon Cards for level 70 and 80 toons and keeping those for sale in the 2 weeks before a new darkmoon faire, since all the quick-buck sellers will be dropping the market prices on these straight after darkmoon.


Biggest tip i can give any new player would be to check selling stack sizes.

This is essance means that selling something in a stack of 4 or 5 might be a lot more profitable than selling full stacks.

A prime example would be a Alchemist wanting to make a potion which uses 4 units of Frost Lotus, now imagine the price of Frost Lotus to be 20G per stack (1g per unit).
20G is a lot when your constantly levelling your skills and thus this person only wants 1 of these potions. Spending 20G on something he will not even use half of is thus a waste and he will either buy singles of look for smaller stacks.
Now this player would rather buy the stack of 4 or 5 units for a slightly higher unit price than buy the cheap full stack so if you list 4 units at 5G you are making a 1G on market price profit and thus getting the sale instead of the guy selling the full stack.

This is very very much applicable to ore of any kind as jewelcrafters use 5 units at a time to prospect and thus dont always want stacks of 20.

When 3.2 comes out I will be posting all my titanium in stacks of 5 units and I can bet you that I will sell quicker than the person selling full stacks.

Another tip for newbies is selling stuff people want but are to lazy or stupid to go and get themselves.

A great example of this would be Stylish Black shirt which can be bought for 50Silver from a vendor in Stormwind very close to AH (will post Coords later).
I went and bought these for 50S and then went to resell on AH for 2.5G each.
I was a quick and painless profit as people were just too lazy to go and look for the vendors and for most high level players customizing their toons 2.5G for a shirt was not much.

Now im not saying that this same product would be the same on your realm but there are thousands of possible products which might have the same effect on your servers as I have with these shirts on my server.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Balancing a good WOW to real life ratio...

Todays post will be a bt more serious as I only have 5 min to type and try and give a tip as well.

Todays tip is: MEAT!!

What do I mean?
Well I have been looking at various things in my bags to so whether picking up greys and some whites is actually profitable and low and behold, I once again rediscovered meat.

Just like bear flank which is used for cooking up to a certain level and making good raid food, I have found that northrend meats, Shoveltusk (?) meats and Chilled meat actually fetch a impressive price on AH, specially on heavy raiding servers as raid food means an extra buff without dropping a powerfull Elixer or Scroll.

So look into things used for levelling a skill and products which are usefull on your server.
i.e. On my Pve server, PVP based elixers etc are not half as valueble as on other PVP servers.
But having less people and mostly levelling players means that lower level potions and meats makes for good profits.

On to my main topic:

Im leaving this one open to you, how do YOU personally strike a healthy WOW/Life balance?
I understand you can take days off etc etc but what about your dailies?

Friday, July 10, 2009

I type this with heavy...


Dear reader

I am stukkend (Translation: Broken) tired.

After a week and more of serious dungeons and raids and trying to level and making gold I am dead tired.
Tired from late nights and hectic concentration.

Ok so to summerize last night.

Became a raid leader for the first time on my main, running the two raids in Silithis in Classic, those are level 60+ with a 20 man and 40 man respectively.
Was a bit of a scrable as I forgot about the raid and was planning on enjoying a night in Heroic Magisters terrace and then loving my soft bed. It was not meant to be.

Logging in with a swamp of whispers and guild requests for the raid I started getting to it.
Now for anyone who has had NO experience in handling and organising a raid; Yes it can be a daunting task but thats easily overcome if you just sit back and relax and get the job done.

Getting a group of 20 people together and running the Ruins raid, we cleared it in approx 30-45min and decided to try the 40 man Temple with about 23 members.

Here we cleared the raid quite fast with very little wipes on members except when we got to the end boss which we wiped on twice.

All in all, for my first experience as a raid leader it was fun, educating and intense at the same time. I will from now on be organising weekly raids with my guild and make sure we offer newer players all the fun to be had in WOW.

On the gold front, I have been selling frogs and more frogs. Its as if a bunch of new players have started collecting pets all of a sudden and they are hungry for froggies.
I also sorted out bank slots and realised that we have a lot of gold's worth of stock available and thus we will start to sell/clear out some of the slower levelling based mats and only keep what mats we need to either skill up and stock which sells fast.

This brings me to a good point and something I realised this morning over coffee with my fellow banker.

Keeping stock isnt always the brightest idea.

The reason I say this is because on my banker and my main I have kept bags and bags full of stuff, from ores and cloths to gear and gems, but some stuff I will never use or will only use when I changes profs etc.

Why keep the stock then? Your only using up space which could be used for faster moving stock.
For example, I am keeping +stam Gems and lots of different Ores which I am doing nothing with except waiting for better days with better selling prices. In essence all i am doing is using space for a product for x amount of time which might net me 50G in the future, but I could be using the same amount of space for a product which might only net me 20G but in a much shorter period of time and recurring.

Example of this in my case would be Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether, its sitting in a slot hoping to sell for 150-250+ Gold and I have been trying to sell it for 2 weeks now. In the same time I have sold 20+ Frogs and thus that space could have been used for cheap pets i.e. cockroach/frogs which I could sell one a day for 2 weeks, netting me a profit of 42G+ and thats almost guaranteed.

Id rather stick to the solid/constant income than use the space and time for a product which might not sell or might sell for less than expected.

Hope this helps all you gold diggers out there as I am very tired and typing with very heavy fingers.
Have a productive and profitable weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


One down, 6 to go.

Finished Heroic: The Mechanar last night and did a run of Magisters Terrace to get the atunement for the Heroic Version.

Tonight however will be a bit quieter as we will only be running Heroic: Magisters Terrace and then the guild goes to raid, of which I cannot yet join due to level requirements and gear spec.

So last night made some good rep 2000+ with the Sha'tar and made approx 40G in the instance itself.
Also sold my Darkmoon: Beserker card to a fellow guildmate for 550G thus increasing my total worth to about 1100G.

As stated in my previous post I will be using my banker as primary money maker and use the Gold I make from questing and dailies for my main's everyday expenditure. So with that in mind I moved most of the gold on my main to my banker and thus have 125G+- in my main's bag and the rest sitting in the bankers bank.

So the bankers guild bank now has close to 1k Gold in it and as per myself and my partners agreement we will be banking cash and starting with investment on the 20th of July so what amount we will have accrued by then still has to be seen.

Sold some more Frogs on the AH last night along with some Plans: Storm Gauntlets and thus netted another 50-70G on a very small investment.

Went and bought another Chaos Deck to go hand in at the Darkmoon Faire for another Darkmoon card, but this time the Deck was seriously underpriced and I think I will actually make a great profit on this item.

Sorry for the small post but not a lot happened last night. I will be starting another gold making goal along with our trading date on 20 July so get ready for some GREAT gold making tips and tricks as we need to make huge amounts of cash in a very short period of time due to myself and partner reaching 80 and needing gear and flying training.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting there

So my goal this week is to get the Outland Dungeon master Achievement and maybe level a level or 2 within this time.

The reason I want to get the Outland Dungeon Hero achievement is because when you do Heroic Instances and finish them you get both an Achievement for the Heroic as well as the normal, thus speeding up the process.

Last night I completed two before calling it a night:

They were:

Heroic: The Alcatraz
Heroic: The Botanica

Now all I have left to do are:

Heroic: Sethekk Halls
Heroic: Shadow Labyrinth
Heroic: Opening of the Dark Portal
Heroic: The Mechanar
Heroic: Magister's Terrace
Heroic: Auchenai Crypts
Heroic: The Escape from Durnholde

Of which I will hopefully finish Mechanar, Magisters Terrace and Maybe Auchenai Crypts tonight as the group I am doing this with is amazing and we are well geared for the tasks.

Getting to the money....

Well I started off last night with 50+ slots open in my bags and after having a disappointing greed roll evening I filled up only 5 slots of those open with greens and some high value vendor trash, but amazingly I made 50G+ from those two Heroic Instances and got +-5000 rep with the Sha'tar making it a very good evening indeed.

On the other side of the coin, my banker also had some luck with mass posting of Wood Frogs and Tree Frogs from the previous Darkmoon Faire netting me 100+ Gold.

I also eventually sold one of my Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether for a disappointing 130G on trade.

I am now sitting with 300+-G on my banker and about 60G on my main with more spread across my banking alts. In total I’m above the 500G mark and still buying strong with my roaming DK banker at the Darkmoon Faire.

Now this month I have changed my goal for the darkmoon faire, where if you have been following my progress you will know I normally sell all the mats (leather/herbs) for huge profits and occasional processing i.e. milling.

This time I’m taking a different approach, trying to get mats for trade skills and levelling as runic potions for instance are costing me a fortune for my main toon.

Thus with herbs this cheap it only makes sense to buy cheap and get some made thus saving me gold in the long run and more than likely saving me more than I would have profited.


After deliberation I have decided to ask a fellow guild mate and real life friend to join up with my banker as his banker is solely relying on his bags for storage.

Now this brings some pros and cons to the table.

Firstly we have decided that whilst we are achieving goals for our mains that we will not use the banker’s money for the mains as it’s not really needed. Great gear is normally dropped and the grind from +-72 to level 80 doesn’t normally need special gear. Only at 80 will we actually take money to get the gear needed for Nax etc.

Plus we are already making enough money to support our mains by questing and doing dailies.

The pros of an agreement are as follows:

  • More capital as two bankers are making money for one bank
  • more stock for volatile market
  • more money = more bank tabs (more space)

The cons:

  • your partner could Ninja all the gear and leave you with nothing
  • your partner could use money for bad investments/gear on main
  • your partner could use all the mats/supplies you buy to sell for own profit or invest it wrongly

So in essence you have to be in agreement before you even start with this. A good basis is this:

  • Agree all money goes to guild bank
  • No gear is bought for main whilst you are in the capital generation phase
  • Set investment amount on a daily, weekly basis
  • Make sure you mainly use money to buy storage (this includes bags)

For myself I used this:

We agreed that 40% of the gold available on a weekly basis is used for investment and stock purchasing, unless we both agree on a product we want to invest a bit more in i.e. Titanium Ore before 3.2.

This means that if 1000G is in bank, that we can use 400G of that to bid on items and use profit from that to reinvest. We will then in the new week see what we made money on and if we profited for now and then adjust our amounts.

This means we always have money in the bank should we make a bad investment and that we never need to worry about losing out on a good deal, i.e. someone posting Titanium Ore at a ridiculously low price.

This constant communication also allows us to see what is selling well and what is not, so 2 sets of eyes are thus keeping an unstable AH in order as we have a lesser chance of making investment errors.

This also means that you can buy storage quicker and have the largest amount of storage available at any one time.

So for all the lower level players, making friends you can trust is of epic importance because in the long run it doesn’t cost much to get your own guild up and running with paid for Guild Charter Signatures.
After that a mere 100G nets you your first bank tabs and 88 slots of love.
That 88 slots of stock/gear or trade skill items like Eternal Belt Buckles.
And with the addition of a partner you will get all these things in half the time.

Just make sure that it is CLEAR that no big investment will be made without both party's go ahead and if the other is not online/in contact that no more than 40% of current value may be used. NO exception to the rule.

If both parties are online then decisions can be made on larger investment amounts i.e. 8 stacks of Titanium Ore at 100G a stack. (Example: 1000G in bank, stock investment 800G, still got 200G for emergencies)

Always remember DO NOT invest all your money as you then have no lifeline to hang on to.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taking on new things

You might have noticed in my previous post i mentioned that "myself and NEW guild" will be doing some Heroic Dungeons.

Yes I left my self created guild and handed it over to my trusty banker for administration.

This was a first step to happiness for me as I now have a banker with an extra 3 Guild Bank tabs (3x88=264 slots) for storage.

I am also doing more and more things I used to wait for, so no more [TRADE] LFG ManaTombs (Heroic) as the new guild has 200+ members of which about 70 are very active, thus it doesnt take me long to find party members for group quests and dungeons.

Being level 72 also has its benefits in terms of more dungeons to do as well as being invited to more high level raids as Im currently one of the highest DPS and AoE DPS members for my level in the guild and my gear is also top notch due to early experiments with Heroic instances and socketed gear.

Now Im just aiming at making money for my Epic Flying and Cold weather flying at level 78-80 as most of the good gear I can now make (Tailoring) or get from various quests and dungeons. So essentially all I need to spend money on are my potions and elixers (both of which I can get from alchemists in my guild at lower prices).

I am doing dailies specifically for rep with there factions:
Shatar (Shattrah City, BC)
The Kalu'ak (Borean Tundra, WotLK)
Shattered Sun Offensive (Isle of Quell Danas (?), BC)

as these net me keys and items i need to continue... (little Pengiun pet comes to mind)

more to come soon....

Welcome Back

Ola my dear readers.

Sorry for the long absence but my WOW time has been drastically shortened by a teething baby (still love her though).

I have however been playing a bit of WOW and have been doing quite a few dailies as well as some questing, either for Heroic BC instance keys or Rep grinding.

The money making aspect has not been going as well as I would have liked after making a few mistakes andinvesting some of my gold in stock.

Firstly: THE MONEY

With approx 300G spread over my characters, I have a limited source of investment should something nice come my way.
I might or might not have told you that I have invested in 3 full stacks (60 units) of Titanium ore and a deck of cards which netted me another Beserker Card which I currently have listed on the AH for 799Bid and 999BO. If it sells at this price then I will be making 350-550G profit on this item excl the listing fee.
I do however have BAD news when it comes to the two Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether which still have not sold thus I am relisting for 150G each and they still not selling.

Now I have had some hard days as trying to level my main's Tailoring and First Aid to 420+ has been a very very expensive ecersize and thus have left me wanting money desperately.

So... to get back on track I have set myself some new goals.
With my main toon I plan on doing all the Outland Heroic Dungeons this week with my new guild and thus not spend a cent with her, netting myself some AWESOME gear as well as making myself some good money as Heroics normally give 40+G per dungeon.
I will also continue with my dailies which net me in the region of 1-12G per daily and some well deserved reputation with some cool factions.

Having created a DK (now 58) and getting her to Stormwind means that I now have a roaming banker/mule which can go to rough areas to either buy prooduct or farm mats/items.
She is currently situated at the Darkmoon Faire in Mulgore where my lower alts would not be able to go, due to unsafe cicumstances (horde/level).

Now I understand that you want to read this blog to learn what to buy and what not, but this week I am actually dry on ideas.
My AH has had a mind of its own this last week with people not realizing that they bring a market down via hectic undercutting.

One thing I didnt count on was the rush...
the rush that the announcment of 3.2 caused on the AH in regards to Titanium Ore.

Prices with this rush to buy stock SKY rocketed for about 2 weeks after the announcement to a level where I could have made 50G easy profit on the higher prices which I had originally paid.
I decided not to post my stock on the AH as I need to be patient just in case the tip really pays of after 3.2 gets implemented.

I have also stopped trying to post green items on the AH due to the higher list prices and thus cutting your profits by as much as 50%, so i decided all unused green items with a less than average AH price of 30+G will be vendored or given to the guild as:

and relisting a non selling items is a waste of time, time thish could have been used to farm 10 more mobs for cloth/leather or hitting a low level instance in search of a twink item whilst still making money.

I will seriously this week go and look at what is new on the AH and whats hot and whats not.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daily Grind ... no really its a grind!

Welcome one, welcome all.

Today im sitting on 500G again spread over my alts but with the added bonus of +-2000G worth of items on the AH.

Yet thats not the topic for todays post, my topic is the kick butt stuff I have done over the last few days.

Seeing as Midsummer Festival is yearly I thought it appropriate to complete as much of the achievements as possible
and thus get my Title and some more goodies.

Problem is that I am only buying WotLK later this week so the "Juggle 40 Torches in 15 sec" in Dalaran is out for the time being and thus the title has to wait.

I have however been running some instances and have been grinding Ahune, Frost Lord in Slave Pens, Coilfang for the last few nights.
I have been doing this for good reason and that is to get the staff he drops for my main toon.

but last night I scored big time as the cloak I wanted dropped as well as won on a greed roll for the rare pet he drops:

The pet was super lucky as it only drops approx 1.2% of the time.

Out of the +-10 times I have run this boss I have not yet seen the staff.

Run to you (not the Whitney song!)

Well well well...
Long time coming this, finally had time to go and get my Flying mount training and mount and seeing as my tailoring skill isnt high enough yet to use my Magic Carpet (which I got for bargain 40G on my server) I chose to purchase a Snowy Gryphon for my first flying experience.

Also I played Alterac Valley on a losing side till it came out of my ears to get 50 Alterac Valley marks of Honour to buy a Stormpike Battle Charger and so far I am impressed!

On to money making:
So far it has gone well. Making money from daily quests and doing the Midsummer Achievements has nicely bolstered my income as an average of 10G per 1xHorde Flame and 1xAlliance Flame has been quite welcome.

I have also been trolling the AH for quest items such as Fel Armaments and Marks of Segeras for my main to Rep grind.

I have also been buying up the regular suspects such as mid-high level ore's. Specially Titanium as Titanium unit prices has gone up to 19G per unit on my server.

Stuff i have been buying up:
Bear Flank (for cooking)
Small Furry paw (for Darkmoon Faire Rep grinding)
Dark Iron Ale Mug (for Jubling Pet at Darkmoon Faire)
Various herbs (for pigments)
Cheap Gems (selling for less than 30-40% of value)

Well thats all I got for today. Comment or let me know if you got anything to share.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer is here

Ola peeps

Damn, two posts in one day...

Well I was just thinking of the great advent of WOW Special events such as the Midsummer Fire Festival currently in you nearest main city.

Now this presents players of higher level with a chance to get a Title and some cool achievments and lower level players to get their hands on some items which they would otherwise have to wait a year for.

It also offers mid level mages a great chance to make some G by selling portal. Now i know this could be something seen as common knowledge but a mage who is mainly seen as a taxi/water dispenser can make some serious cash in busy times with this festival.

Offering portals from SW or IF to Darnassus for the Unusual Activity quest line offers easy quick rewards of gold and selling the occasional portal to Theramore can net you good profits. This is applicable to any players doing this quest line from level 22+

Other then that there is not a lot of money to be made by lower levels by/for this event.

For the higher level player there is quite a bit of money to be made as Honouring flames outcity the major cities allow you to net 3+ G per flame and dessecrating Horde flames will net you 5-7 G+

Now imagine all the horde flames and alliance flames and you can just imagine the money you can make whilst grinding for an achievement.

Thats all I got for today. Have fun and comment if you got good info on this subject.

Also check out markco's blog : Just my two copper for some awesome gold making tips.

Back by popular demand

Been very busy in the last whilst both in a private fashion and a WOW fashion.

Been trying to get to level 70 and make enough money to pay for my Flying Training and my dual spec as Im starting to do more heroic instances and thus need to learn how to play different specs and make sure my role as DPS is done properly.

With the darkmoon faire a memory (a bad one as it was in stormwind) I still have lots of Frogs and some herbs available to sell, but seeing as my server houses more Alliance than Horde the amount of people who bought at the faire was rediculous and this the AH is still flooded with most of the mats.

Hopes are high that the market will restabalise itself next month with the Faire being in Mulgore and not being available to low level alliance players.

Good news though is that whilst I paid a good 350-550G per deck of cards which I thought wasnt going to sell I realized that I had reached the level with my main where I can hand in these decks and sell the cards which drop.
I have resold a few Darkmoon cards for 300-500G profit each. Just if you follow this and try sell cards first take a month to research which cards sell quickly and which dont.

DO NOT just buy decks of cards as my Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether just is not selling.

Light at the end of the chapel
Well at least there is some hope. I know this might be old news to some but for you who dont know:
Titanium Ore can be prospected to Epic Gems as of update 3.2., this means that Titanium Prices will shoot through the roof in the near future.

I have invested a good sum of gold in this and hopefully will make a good profit.

Sorry thats all I got for today. I will be posting more regularly to update you on my progress with Rep, PVP and more heroics!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a surprise

Hey All

Sorry for the long lost posts....

Got some great news though.
Darkmoon Faire started again this week and thus I sent my DarkmoonBanker to go and represent.
Now on a server which is mainly Alliance, having the Faire outside Stormwind means a lot more visitors and thus sometimes not getting ANY stock from Lhara.

But last night a realized a market which I never tapped.

Dark Iron Ale which can be procured in Blackrock depths or the AH on non Faire weeks is relatively cheap.

This item is used to get two pets.
Disguting Oozeling

Now before you go off on me. I know the Oozeling doesnt need this, but after reading up a bit, your chances increase in getting this pet if you have the Ale with you (?)

But to the point.
TO get the Jubling you need two Darkmoon Iron Ale's which you will use at on of the Darkmoon Faire's NPC's.
One to lure the Jubling to its master and another to give to the NPC as gift.
She then hands you the Jubling Egg which hatches in 7 days.

No usually I coundnt sell these on AH for 2-3G each, but last night after selling my stock prior for 1G for 2-4 units I started selling them for 7-12G per 2 units in AH and quick sales of 2 units in /2 TRADE for 7-10G.

This is a money making extravaganza and a tip of the week!

PS: EU servers are not benefitting as much from the USA summer holidays as I expected as prices on my server seems to still hover and fluctuate in the same areas as before. Thus dont go and spend all your money on Eternal's and Eternal belt buckles just yet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just not in the mood - angry at Blizzard

Ok this is a rant, if you looking for info and helpfull stuff then check the previous post on my addons.

This is a pure, paying customer is pissed off entry into this blog of mine.

Levelling in WOW is great fun and most new players are engrossed by this huge world which has been painstakingly created to be as amazing as it can be in terms of Aesthetics and interaction.
Now from experience I can say that I have found myself lost in this world many times, playing for must longer as I planned by searching for this special item or running around in this maze of an instance.

So I hit 60 a few days ago, meaning finally being able to get some good gear in terms of socketed gear and Tier Armors, but I was sadly mistaken on the latter.

Now blizzard has thought of after many complaints about allowing players who have levelled all the way to 80 to start any alt toon at a hight level than 1, i.e. 40 or 55 like a DK.

I think this is very wrong as its part and parcel of the game. You start at level 1 to enjoy the story and learn how to play the class.

My problem: how can I as a player enjoy the game at level 60 if I cant even get the armor I want. My problem arose whilst in this flurry of excitment about grinding and raiding for my tier armors and after seeing the Tier 3 armor for level 60's on Wow-europe's website I though about getting those instead of the 1 and 2 sets (another rant, but ill keep that till last).

Searching google and wow head for info on this Tier 3 Frostfire armor for my mage I started reeading comments etc on this armor of how and where to find it. Comments dating back to 2006 shows that this armor rocks for a mage and you need this and that all the whilst my excitement was growing as this armor did not really need me to spend 2-4 hours getting a raid together for Oznia's Lair or Molten core and where to get the damn key.

After patch 3.? this armor set was kind of disabled, meaning quests and drops pertaining to this armor set was disabled and thus the armor set is still in the game, you just cant get it any more.

Now this is why im MOST pissed off and am actually taking the rest of the week off. How the hell can I enjoy a game which Im paying for if the stuff which makes me want to discover and explore every nook and cranny of it is disabled? Why must I go to the level 60 raids (25-40 man) if the gear I wanted is not there anymore, or if I need to spend 2-4 hours getting people together for raids which will net me worse gear?

And this is where my second gripe comes from, this is the reason I actually am getting the same ideas as 90% of newer WOW players out there.

WotLK gets released and NO one wants to do classic or BC anymore. Only level 70+ stuff matters and its a race to get there.

I cant even get a decent crew together for a 20 man raid in Classic or BC because people are too busy trying to hit the magical 70-80, so they actually skip entire chapters and areas of the game missing out on the magic which is WOW.
I now actually want to use the guide I posted a day or two back to go and QUICKLY level my 63 mage to 80, just so I can solo most places, so I can in fact experience some of the WOW areas I cannot right now.

The problem with Blizzard pushing all this new stuff and forcing people to push for the WotLK instances etc etc is that most players are newbies when they get there.

•Level 55 WArlock gets tired of warlock getting killed due to cloth armor etc etc. He rolls a new lvl55 DK....
•Firstly he doesnt know how to play a melee class and thus wipes the groups he plays with.
•70% of players rolling a DK in this fashion cant play the class effectively and thus RUINS the DK class reputation
•Levels as quick as possible to 80, meaning he has no understanding of real RAID and 10/25 man groups.

Where Classic and BC instances and raids are designed to teach players about specific situations, the players are now not learning that and thus these virgins walk into Ulduar and get not jsut their own but their RAID groups asses kicked as they cannot fill there role in the group.

An example is a raid in BC, where players gets a charge from a boss, either Negative or Positive.
If you get close to an opposed charged player you do damage (explode kind of).
Same type of raid in WotLK, but people never did this BC training and dont know what to do, so people keep wiping and poeple get pissed off, not wanting to play with DK's and level 74 and lowers etc etc.

Good bye for the rest of the week!

My Addons list

Ok so today I thought about adding my list of addons which I use to make my WOW more interesting.

Now keep in mind I play on 1680x1050 res and thus make my toolbars smaller and thus have no need for bar mods as I think the original looks cool.

Now on the right you will see my list from the Curse Client.

My top 3 Addons are:

1. Carbonite Addon: (not on Curse)
Cannot do without this, its a map mod and a quest helping mod which gets updated regularly. Try it out, you will not look back, EVER. Has a nifty quest list and punk detecter which alerts you of nearby enemy toons.

2. Auctioneer:
The one and only Auction House mod. If you are  into trading on AH, then this is the mod for you. Tracks prices on AH and gives you a broad outlook on profits to be made.

3. Titan Panel:
My information service, this mod allows a range of other addons to be added to a neat bar at the top of your screen. Info like location, money, bag space, mail, AH alerts and others all assist in getting your info faster.
Note: This works awsome with things like Easymail and Auditor

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Helping a good cause + making money (not for the cause though :))

Ola peeps, sorry for the lack of updates, but this is my realax week with the family so Im not playing half as much as I normally do.
Just something to keep you busy.
I found a FREE levelling guide that has the right ideas and the fact that the author is notcharging for the opportunity  means that I will support him as much as possible.

I for one might not use his guide as I normally like taking my time levelling and exploring but for those of you wanting to get to level 80 QUICK, then i think this will help a lot.

Been using 250+G on my main to level Tailoring so she does not have much money now.
Took banker though and bought another guild bank tab 2 days ago for 500G, thus leaving him with approx 450G in bags, 400+G on AH and about 200-400G in stock (in bank and bags)

But struck a bit of good luck though and this will be my tip for the week.
Never think that all people use auctioneer as THEY DONT!

People easily undervalue or overvalue items.

I bought this gun: Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle on AH for 320G on sunday morning as Auctioneer was telling me its worth 1600G+, but in my haste I forgot to look at the amount of times it has been seen on the AH (in my case I saw it was two times).

This means that Auctioneer could have seen way overpriced prices for this item and thus mislead me on this and some other occasions.

Trying to sell this the entire Sunday evening, I thought I'd try trade whilst sticking this on the AH for 670G. In trade I advertised for 500, no hits, tried 450G still with no luck.

Thus i was sitting and actively advertising this in TRADE for close to 30-45 minutes to no avail, even dropping the price to 450G and thinking about dropping the price even more.

To my surprise, just as I was to once again drop the TRADE price, I got a message telling me its sold in the AH.

Needless to say I made a 350G profit on this item in less than a day and was back to 1000G+ on my banker even after buying mats and the guild bank tab.

So the tip is in short:
When buying always remember to actually look at how many times a item has been seen on the AH as many times equals a accurate price and few does not necceseraly.
With this said also remember that there might be people who dont check this and buys on impulse.

"A purple, rare item for 20-30% of its value? Damn i had better snatch this up now before its gets spotted"
I have had these moments and think most of you have had it as well.

Thus most people who dont have auctioneer wont see the average price and some with auctioneer actually see it as a bargain.
Remember to add this to your library of variables and you could make tons of cash.

From my experiences:
  • Think that people have auctioneer and thus can spot a bargain
  • Think people have auctioneer and have not scanned enough to get a realistic price thinking expensive items are actually bargains
  • Think people dont have auctioneer and thus list items just to make bag space
  • Use trade for lazy people. Going to AH means 1000's of players lagging your connection, meaning some people dont like to go to the AH in main cities, thus when they see something nice in TRADE they will generally buy it at a higher price.
If you got anything to add, then please leave a comment.
I know this isnt a perfect post, but Ive just ranted a bit.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stealing Ideas: What to do when you a nooby

Was reading a interesting article at "one Copper" ( I started thinking how I would make money if I had to start agina at level 1 now.

So here goes (please bear with my limited thinking capabilities on this Friday):

If I had to start at level 1 now with no gold and limited killing and farming capabilities I would first level to 10 and then go on my assualt of the auction house.

First things first. Choosing two gathering professions would net a immediate income as low level herbs and specially ores are always wanted on the AH, but be aware that although you would like level your mining skills by smelting your ore's, first check your local AH for the difference in Ore and Bar prices as ore could be more expensive as not only do people use it to level mining quickly and easily but jewelcrafters can also use ore to prospect jewels.

Now if your going after the mining ore money making route there are a few things to remember:
  • use a add on called Auctioneer if you want to use the AH
  • if using trade (/2 TRADE) remember that trade is made for a quick easy sale, thus prices will be lower
  • have patience, as AH will net you more profit
  • MOST IMPORTANT: sell ore in stacks of 5 as prospectors can only use stacks of 5 thusdont always need 20
Using herbalism will also net you a good profit with inscriptors and alchemists trying to level as alchemist want to make potions/elixers and inscribers want to mill these herbs into pigments.
Also do a bit of research on which alchemy potions use which low level herbs and the quantities needed as sometimes its more profitable to list 2-4 units of a herb on AH instead of a entire stack.

If you want to make good gold and have enough gold for all your training and skills, then remember to NOT buy any gear i.e. weapons/armor until you reach at least level 40 as any gear you buy will be bettered in 1 or two levels of play and more than likely be bettered when you visit your next instance.

Another way of making quick gold is just taking time and watching the AH for specials.
Finding armor at a <40%>
I have found loads of ore's, armors and cloths at coppers and silvers on the AH and resold for double the amount as most newer WOW players are not using Auctioneer and thus dont know what the going prices for items are.

Another way to go are cloths.
The irritating mat, cloth of any type (Linen, Wool, Mageweave etc) will always drop from humanoids and thus normally fill all your bags and generally irritate you.
Cloth is a good money maker as most people need this for Tailoring and First aid, so once again this mat is used for two different purposes.

Try selling cloths in larger amounts in trade as most densly populated servers will have lots of people farming cloth and thus you have a better chance of selling 3-5 stacks (20units) of cloth to a private seller than selling yours at a good price with undercutting farmers on the AH.
On the lower population servers cloth is easily sold on AH, a good example would be Wool Cloth on my server which Im reselling for 2.79.79 as we dont have many farmers and people look for bigger stacks.

Hope this helps all my newer low level readers and if you take time to read my older posts you would see many tips on how I got to 1000+ G by playing normally and never farming from level 1.

Monday, May 25, 2009

'tis a week to be jolly

Hello All

So I did it!

Got 600G on saturday evening before hitting level 60. Didnt make 1K Gold like I would have wanted to, but I think that this is a clear indication of what you can do if you put your mind to it.

Logged in this morning after a weekend of meager playtime due to family (family time comes first, specially if you have a new born) seeing as I only needed about 20-30K Xp to ding 60.

Finished a quest or two and wha la, hit level 60 and the good news is that some items sold last night netting me another 50G+ thus I could do all my mage training and still have 610G left to do riding skill training.

Ive decided to go classic and get a swift Mechanostrider untill I can get a Ellek or something else BIG.

On another note, this is a teaching/tutorial blog so I have some screenies from saturday evening after a run into Scholomace and some running around in Hellfire.

Did another run into Scholomace last night quick as Im trying to get the full set of Necropile armor for my mage.

So next up is a screeny showing that I had the 600+ G on saturday evening, before hitting 60 and the items in my AH at the time.

My Plans: Storm Gauntlets are selling well, but not dramatically fast.
Bear Flank on the other hand I cant keep up with. Bought stacks on AH for 1G-2G and resold in stacks of 5 for 2.79.79, so I have been making a solid income on these alone.

Now just a little tip for early risers or daytime players. Look for 30min or less auctions (Press Scan for quickscan with no string in the search input block) and look for any good armor (blue/purple) which is 40% or price (using auctioneer addon) and no buy out price.

These listers never think about their stock actually not selling, thus thinking that the product would sell quick and people would over bid. This over confidence with the market sometimes leads to their own loss with you picking up items which are still on starting price and thus priced way lower than expected.

Last night sold a item (cant remember what....) but its a craftable Purple Leather Chest Item for 180G in Trade which I bought on AH for 136G. Meaning I made 44G for mearly passing it from one set of hands to the next.
Buyers dont put buyouts as they have not done enough research thus seeing that one such item has sold for 300G but all the new ones are listed for 230+- meaning that when they are sold off and his remains that people would once again bid to 300G to get this "sought after" item.

Thats my biggest tip for this week. Always specify a buy out price!

I might be going stealthed this week as I want to spend a bit more time with the family, so I will update asap once I get back in Wow again (will still play a bit this week but not hectically).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sidrep 23/05/2009

Hey All jsut a quick update on my monetary status.

Still on level 58 as I only finished 2 quests last night and spent the rest of the evening with my family.

So all in all I am on 382G in my bag with approx: 489G worth of auctions.
Items I have in AH are Bear Flank in stacks of 5, Blackskull Shield and Plans: Storm Gauntlets.

Now after finishing the quests for Scholomace I was rewarded with an orb which allows you to see the deseased citizens of the town around Scholomace.
Well needless to say there is a ghost vendor which sells me the Plans: Storm Gauntlets for 4G and I resell for 30-50G on AH.

Now that is a gold making tip.

Enjoy the screeny and please comment....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Level 58 and not too close to my goal

Good day and welcome to the progress report on my new challenge.

If you a first time reader ill explain:
I need to reach 600-1000G by level 60, now you might think this is easy but I was on level 56 when I gave myself this goal as to pay for trianing and riding skills/mount.
All this whilst not slowing down my game play i.e. mats grinding/mining and low level instancing for expensive sellable items.

I can only use what ever I had on me and my bank and can sell etc anything I pickup from the high level instances/quests.

Now on to my progress:

Now since level 56 I have  been in Western and Eastern Plaguelands doing quests and running the instances which are there i.e. Scholomace and Stratholm.

This screenshot show my gold; 167 G with some items on the AH which is in the following screenshot.

Now on wednesday evening I didnt quest/instance much as I was helping a friend to get some gear and gold in Gnomeregan and then took him to Gatgetzan to finish some quests. So I wasnt making money/xp at all for that evening.

Started hitting Sholomace last night with a extra run through Stratholm and in turn got some of the best gear ive seen for my class and level.

Currently on level 58 so of the gear I got was:

as well as some really good Cards which sell for 150+ G on my server.

Runecloth is a dime a dozen and if you need to make quick cash then farming runecloth in these instances and surrounding areas is a quick easy way of making some money.

With all the greens and blues I vendored I easily made 40+G and with all the gear now on auction I could in essence make 700+ G by the end of the weekend.

My stats as of this morning is as follows:

Sorry that I havnt posted a pic of my AH, ill take some screenies tonight and post them.

My Auditor says this:

But please keep in mind that this might include my bankers details as I have no idea how to work this tool.

Sorry for the sporadic updates and post right now, but my mind isnt here from lack of sleep and with that will be taking a breather with the family tonight and only play for max 1-2 hours.

So let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some luck

Hey all just a quick update.

Recently I went to Sunken Temple for the achievment and to get some good gear.
Now in the last few weeks I have been trying to get a fellow guild member a Blackskull Shield or a Wall of the Dead Shield.

I eventually found a blackskull on the AH for 120G and bought it. He didnt use it so sent it back as he levelled quickly rendering it useless and thus I sold it for 160G.

Back to Sunken temple. First mobs we kill, BANG epic drop of a blackskull shield and thus I had a second shield which I held onto and actually thought I had sent to my banker and sold on AH.

BUT no, looking at the screenshots from my previous posting I noticed something which I really didnt know was there and seeing as this falls into my rules of my new challenge, I now have a headstart on my money making goal.

So ladies and gents meet my newest 160-200G

If you think this doesnt adhere to my rules then let me know

So it has started

Hello All and welcome to my new challenge.

Long story short, I need to make in the region of 700-1000G before I hit level 60 and im already on level 56.
Now keep in mind that my aim is to do this without stalling i.e. Farming for ore hours on end or running low level dungeons (without a request from guild member to boost) for twink items etc.

This is to show that making money can be done whilst constantly concentrating on playing WOW and experiencing new places and instances.

The lowdown:
Went to eastern plaguelands last night and quested a bit running into some problems with multiple mobs and getting my arse handed to me.
I was then joined by my guild mates and ran Scholomace to get the achievement and maybe score some good gear for resale/equip.
Got some good new gear for myself such as : Wand of Biting Cold and Councillor's Circlet.

Also picked up some random drops from mobs which I then listed on the AH before it went down for maintanance.

Started off with a almost full bag and a almost full bank and 128G.
Spent a bit of that on training and mats for a quest and ended up with about 60G before going to instance.
Listed quite a few items and used the info from my research to make a good profit.

Listed stacks of 5 units of Mithril Ore on ah for 5.79.79 and they all sold.
Also listed some Steel ore which I made a profit of about 1.5-2G per stack on as I had bought Iron Bars from TRADE earlier for 8G and made the steel bars and listed for 11.79.79 and they all sold as well.

Still a few things on AH such as the prairie dog whilstle I picked up from Neutral AH for 3 and relisted for 8G on Alliance AH.

I could not see my profit or anything this morning as the servers were still offline, so you will have to wait for an update tomorrow morning to see if im heading in the right direction.

Just an update on my banker:
He is doing fine with 100+ auctions on AH with 50+ % of those being the herbs etc which I bought at the darkmoon Faire.
Pets are going slowly but epic recipes are selling like hotcakes.

Still believe my server's market is ruined as I cant even sell a White Kitten for 20G in AH.
Dont know whats going on as non essential things like pets have dropped in price and essentials have sky rocketed i.e Eternals, Mats (i.e Wool Cloth).

Now is actually the time to farm mats and sell for huge profits before the market drops again.
I will however be looking into buying up some of these really cheap pets and armor sets with the hope that they will increase in price asap.

Also started noting that Bear Flank is rediculously expensive as its the only orange meat (recipe) at skill level 250+ and thus sells quite well and for a great markup.
I know this because I have been buying some to level my cooking on my main.
Think I will be going to Winterspring to farm bear flank as it adheres to my rules for my challenge as I will be levelling and not jsut farming.

Finishing Scholomace
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