Thursday, April 30, 2009

Noblegarden almost coming to an end. So move quickly

Monday was the start of Noblegarden and boy was it met with a flurry of excitement by players new and Level 70+.

Being in the four starting areas and involving changing into a bunny and collecting quests this was a easy achievement extravaganza.

Now the premise is simple:
Collect Brightly Coloured Eggs and hand those in as currency and get prices/quest rewards.

Easy Achievments to get straight away (even if you level 1):
  • Chocolate Lover = Eat 25 Chocolate Eggs
  • Chocoholic - Eat 100 Chocolate Eggs
  • Blushing Bride = Equip Tuxedo Shirt and Pants and /kiss emote to character wearing elegant dress
  • Dresses for the occasion = Find Elegant Dress in an egg
  • I found one = Find an egg and open it
  • Spring Fling = Find a Spring Rabbits Foot and use it, giving you the Spring Rabbit as pet, then summon pet in the four starting areas where there are other Spring Rabbits summoned by other players, they will fall in love and make eggs (?)
  • Sunday's Finest = Find both the tuxedo shirt and pants in Brightly Coloured Eggs
Keep in mind you wont get the achievements Sundays Finest and Dressed for the occasion by buying the items, you need to find them in eggs.

Enjoy the hunt and make it count. Remember these Shirts and Pants will sell for lost of Gold in the coming months once everyone has forgotten about NobleGarden.

There are some quests as well:
A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket = you have to find 10 brightly coloured eggs
The Great Egg Hunt = find 20 egg shell fragments, this happens when you use the Brightly coloured egg. This is a daily quest, thus experience to be made every day for a 5-15 minute grind.

Id hit that 1000+GOLD achieved

So logged in this morning and guess what 1100G sitting in my bag/mail.
So where to start. Finished Shadowfang keep yesterday with a guild mate for the achievment and then went into banking char.

Saw my abyss crystals have not sold yet and that they wouldnt sell as people were relisting at 5s cheaper the whole time thus getting the sales. Traded 2 of them on TRADE channel for 150G each thus losing 20G on each. Luckely 1 sold for 173G meaning a profit of 3G.

I needed the cash for high level items which were popping up in trade as well as getting money scraped together to try and buy more Eternal Shadow which I need to get eternal belt buckles as I have been out of stock for close to 4 days.

This is where I hit my first snag.
Prices on eternal Earth and Water were fine (i still had 10 eternal water in the bank) but the prices on Eternal Shadow has gone up from 19G per 5 units to 80-100G.
Got three... so hopefully it will still be profitable to continue making these as the mat prices are just so expensive.
Also bought 500 units of Frostweave cloths and tried to get some frostweave bags made, but the cost of one (60 frostweave cloth, 12 infinite dust (20-30G for 5-10units) and 2 eternium thread (3g each)) was just not worth the money and thus I rather bought the cheaper bags on the AH and am now going to see if I can get the bolts of Frostweave made and sell those on the AH for a huge profit.

Little tip, maybe too late already is that I bought up all the cheap Tasty Cupcake's on AH for silvers and relisted for 1,27,27Bid and 2,79,79Buy Out (Gold,Silver,Copper) as there will be a influx of buyers tomorrow for the childrens week achievments.

As you can see in the image below, I got Kang the Decapacitator, Flurry Axe and Truestrike Ring in a trade and they are going SLOW on the AH, but eventually will sell netting me hopefully 700+ Gold for all three.

Well have a look at the screeny below to see what I got on AH. Hopefully you will get a few tips from this. In future I wont be activily pushing my AH sales and rather going to concentrate on levelling and playing the game, but making enough money to sustain training and stuff I need.

So the blog will continue with regular updates on my Frost Mage and making money using my banker.

Just goes to show, you dont need to sit in the AH all day to make money at lower levels. You can enjoy the vast world of World of Warcraft and still make money at the same time to pay for the various expensive things.

Just always remember, the gear you pick up from Levels 1-40 will be good enough for you, dont spend money on gear if your below level 40, that will already save you heaps of money.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looting all night long

Sorry for delay in updated. New baby taking up a lot of my time.

To get to business, started my banker character a whilst back (+-week + 1/2 ago) and its been going well:

First things first:
Money in bag: +-300G
money in AH: +-1300G
Stock in bag/bank: +-350-400G

The most money I have actually had in my bag (remember im aiming for 1K) has been 720 odd Gold so im getting closer to my target daily and I think ill get to my goal buy end of this week.

On to the next item:
In the last week i realized that after I have reached my goal I will need to do some well deserved shopping, on my list is (all for bank toon): Mammoth Mining Bag , Emerald Bag , Bag of Jewels/Gem Pouch and of course the rest all Frostweave Bags (as they are priced right on our server).
I also said I will try and buy our next guild bank tab at 250G which will open quite a few more slots for my main character to store dungeon items which will be a heaven sent.

Now to the stuff which I made money on:
Please keep in mind I am only human thus I have forgotten quite a bit.
Started buying Abyss crystals and they are not selling as fast as I had hoped (bought for 170G per unit x3) and now on AH for 180-210G, but they not selling.
Bought a pet: Tiny Crimson Whelpling for 300G direct and after 12 hours of not selling at 350-400 (undercutting by 10G max) I decided to relist for 333G and it sold that night.
Sold some more eternal belt buckles although the competition is fierce and undercutting is making prices drop to almost below 30G pet unit.
Started buying up cheap titanium ore and have been making 2-5G per stack of 5 units.
My mooncloth sold for 299G netting me a 179G profit. This i bought direct form a TRADE sale for 150G for a stack of 20.

I have been questing and running instances quite a lot the last few days trying to do 1-2 dungeons per night, thus I have collected quite a bit of good gear and to my luck a bit of twink hear.
Sold a sentry cloak a few nights ago for 83G, this I got running some people through Stockades.

Well thats all I can remember about money making this week.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now we are talking.

Spending days on that AH scanning in the mornings and evenings and doing fast scans everytime I go in I have finally started to make some good money.

Bidding cheaply in the morning (anything Auctioneer tells me is undervalued <60%)

Examples of this is:
Icy Dragonscale
Arctic Fur
Frozen Orbs
any Cheap Ore, specially Titanium Ore (not the bars...)
Black/Frost Lotus

I have bought stacks of 10-20 Arctic Fur for 20-80Gold when they go for 13-15G per unit thus netting me anything from 70-100G on stacks.
Icce Dragonscale is selling quite well when bought cheap at +-60% of value and reselling for 80% thus still undercutting and making a good 10-20% profit.

Frozen orbs sell for 130-170G on my server with a rare cheap orb at 130-140 which I quickly snatch up and sell either direct via TRADE channel or relist on AH for 140Bid and 150BO.

Cheaper items to look for (if your just starting out) will be Icy Dragonscale, any cheap gems and ores.
Cheap gems like bloodshards can be bought for small amounts of silver and sold for 1-2 Gold on most servers, thus netting you a instant profit.

One problem which I picked up though was my eternal belt buckles.  I sold out last night... now once again I need to find a supplier who will sell it to me for profitable prices as on my server you always get the moron who goes and ruins the market by undercutting by 10+ gold, thus my prices for 40Bid/45BO are undercut by his prices of 29Bid/30BO but if I can find my other supplier and get these items for 15G a piece again then I will have the room in my pricing to undercut or at least be competitive.

Amount of gold this morning:
641 Bag
+-50-60 in AH
+-50-60 G worth of stock in bank

PS: Started buying and farming mageroyal as childrens week is coming up and this is one of the ingredients for the Delicious Chocolate Cate which is needed for the achievement award during Childrens Week (Bad Example)
Also looking for small egg's but they are already very very expensive on the AH.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Updates Updates Updates... almost didnt make this one

Quite a long time since my last post I see... well thats due a good reason.

Taking some well deserved time off from the real world and having some more time to do house work and DIY + add some good hours to WOW without affecting my work performance.

So I chose to burn the night oil and level whilst using the early mornings when the server is least full to big on low markup items.

Now to put this into perspective. I cant remember all the numbers of how much gold I had on each day, but I can say that at a stage I had 450+ G in my bag, 70+- in the Guild Bank and about 50G on the AH.

First bit of bad news. After my last purchase of Eternal Belt Buckles (4 units) and the devil named Patch 3.1, the prices fell sharply with a lot of undercutting happening. Prices fell as low as 27G Bid and 30G BO (Buy Out). Now with two still up for sale this was a bit of a shocker and I eventually sold 1 of the 2 via direct advertising in the trade channel and spamming WTS ad's.
Sold for 40G, 1 left.

Also started looking into Frozen Orbs and Frostweave Bags and the prices range as follows:
Frozen Orb: 140Bid - 150-170G BO
Frostweave Bag: 79Bid - 90-100G BO

I was lucky this morning in bidding on a Frozen orb for 140G and 5 min later won the auction... (?) and immediatly advertised in TRADE for 150G, thus making a 10G profit in less than 5 minutes.
Frostweave bags are a different kettle of fish all together. Found a tailor who would make them for me as ,me being stupid, she offered to make them for 70G each which i misunderstood and then proceeded to buy her the materials for two bags 2x (60 Frostweave Cloth, 12 Infinite Dust and 2 Etherium Thread) so its a lot of mats. Mats came to approx +-190G and one bag sold for 95G and the other listed at the same price, so I will in essence make a 0G profit... more than likely a 3G loss with posting costs.

I have made some mistakes though with Adimantium and Arctic fur, although these sell really well, with my auctioneer not having enough data to give me accurate prices I bought these on whims and thus made either no money or a small loss.

Did find a few bargains though in terms of cheap armor which my ALT will now disenchant and some cheap ore, herbs and minerals which I have sold some of and keeping some for when the market starts to go up a bit more. (once all the 3.1 bugs are sorted)

On a lighter note, I have gained about 6-7 levels in the last week by seriously questing and doing dungeons (either with higher levels or same levels) so I finished Gnomeregan again, did Razorfen Downs, Scarlet Monestary, Mauradon, some other one starting with A and sounds like mauradon.
In these I made approx 50-60G just from that and selling the cheaper green drops.

Some Screenies!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Patch 3.1....

Just updated and wha la... auctioneer doesnt work and various other add ons....

Will have to wait for updates which im not looking forward to.

copyright blah blah

Meow is the word my friend

Yesterday whilst sifting through the Action Houses, Neutral and Alliance, I decided to do a search for everything and have a look through some of those which will expire first; 30min-2hours and see which ones are listed under value (way under value).

Picking up quite a few things like ore and armors, I realized that lots of people still dont use auctioneer to manage their auction house experience.
With this I bid on a 2 hour auction for titanium ore and won: Total cost(bid) 80+-Silver which I then split up into stacks of 5, 5, and 10 and sold for 25Gold per 5 and 38Gold for the 10 units as titanium ore dropped its price in a matter of 4 hours on the AH.

Now with a nice profit I looked into getting more bargains and started shopping again missing out on a Fiery War Axe which was on buyout for 101G and worth 200-250G. Bought up from under my nose as I waited too long.

Then came my big mistake of the day.

Sitting with 250G + in my bag I started furiously bidding on items like ore's, bar's and cards which were undervalued and then came the bad one... with a 2+ hour auction I bid on Titanium Bars for 199G, auctioneer told me the market value was 250G + and undercutting would still net me a good 50+ G profit... then the market dropped and I couldnt even get my 199G back.

Now sittting with 4 G to my name and loads of auctions I decided to keep the titanium bars on my person and not list them as Jewelcrafters wont buy this as they need ore for prospecting, not bars.

Unlucky and lucky for me all my Blacksmiths who make me Eternal Belt Buckles were back at work yesterday so for most of the day I could not find a Blacksmith who would make me belts for under 50G cost (i normally pay 28-30G).
Later the evening though a old supplier of mine (the one i bitched about in a previous post) came online and started supplying me again, but a deal was struck.
30G per Eternal Belt Buckle and for the first sale I would give him the titanium bars for 190G (a loss of 9G on my part) and he would give me 4 buckles and 70Gold. GOOD DEAL

At the evenings end I had sold 3 of the four buckles and listed the fourth just as I went to bed.

Amount of gold on me= ??? no idea but with some of the AH items selling (some recipes, bunnies etc) I am looking at the 350G +, meaning I made a profit of +-100G yesterday.

Not bad at all, considering that I was questing for a whilst.

DING! Level 32.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy man today...

Trials and trebulations...
Started off last weekend when I bought those Eternal Belt Buckles and they battled to sell.

Starting off a bit weary I bought another 3 units as I found a blacksmith who was making them for 28G for me per unit. Slapped on the AH and waited.
Finally after not selling for a good amount of time I found someone undercut the market by a margin and decided to actively start selling these and undercutting him.

Started spamming the trade channel with WTS posts and listing 2 and keeping the third for direct sale.

Listed on AH for 42G 79S 79C and buyout of 43G 79S 79C and sold direct to the public at 42G if they would collect in SW via trade.
Low and behold, a bit of hard work and marketing and they started selling and within about 3 hours all three were gone.

Now looking for a blacksmith who understands a business arangement is a hard thing.
The gent who I bought the last three from was now angry at the fact that I was selling these at profit on AH and decided he doesnt want to supply me and want to go into business himself.

STOOPID!! He raids etc so he doesnt spend as much time as me in the AH so if he sells 2-4 a week then he will be lucky and if he continued to supply me, then he would have sold 2 per day.
He then proceeded to undercut in the AH by approx 10G and I cancelled those Auctions and sold direct...

I eventually found another supplier and we struck a deal, 30G per unit and I took 4 units staight off the bat. Also organised that if I buy ten or more then he would drop the pricce to 28G per unit.
Good supplier and arranged that he would not undercut or anything like that as I was a constant source of income.

Sold three in 20 minutes on Monday, fourth sold this morning after I had cancelled the Auction due to previous supplier undercutting.

So at the end of the day. I supplied my guild with 40 Gold for the bank. I have 268G in my bag and lots of Pet stock in my bank. Also about 50-100G worth of items on the AH.

Now ill have to start looking for other items to sell on AH other than the buckles as this sale surely cant go on...

Pet Farming

Sitting thinking about achievements on Sunday evening after the Egg hunt I found I wanted to get the easy ones first so the vanity pet achievement came to mind...
Trawling Google and finding the whereabouts of various pet vendors and names of more rare pets I decided to do some investigating on my local AH to see the prices and what I could find. Needless to say I got the 15 pet achievment without spending too much hard earned gold.
But then something happened and a little pet friendly thought came to mind... auctioneer told me these (some 40S and some 1G) pets sell for good-excellent mark ups.

I went shopping.

First off I put some thought into my sales plan and decided I would do some cheap travelling to make sure I had the right pets for the right markets.
  1. Snowshoe Rabbit, bought for 40S at some little girl outside IronForge they sell like hotcakes on the Bootybay (neutral) AH for 1.5-2 Gold, a profit of 1.1-1.6G per item.
  2. Ancona Chicken: bought for 1G at the Saltlake Racerack in Thousand Needles they sell well on the Alliance AH for approx 3.5-4G, a profit of 2.5-3G per unit.
  3. Cats... good sellers on Neutral AH, but too many people list them so prices are not worth the competition EXCEPT for one Cat (White Kitten) which is a semi rare spawn with a little boy in Stormwind (he spawns randomly approx every 3 hours) but you sometimes need to fight to even get close as other people also "Kitty" camp and seeing as he only has 1 unit from spawn to despawn, you have to be first. This I waited 2 hours for, camping and levelling fishing at his spawn point but sold it for 45G and its been known to go up to 200+ G per unit. Buy for 15SILVER sell for 45-200G, thats a 323123283787443 % markup!

Happy Easter it almost was not

 This weekend went by in a real blur!
First of all did some more camping and buying at the darkmoon fair on Saturday evening and Sunday to stock up on reagents and rare mats like Arctic Fuc and Black Lotus to sell for good markups (Arctic Fur: Buy - 12G, Sell - 17-22G) and massive markups (Black Lotus Buy 8G (20unit), Sell 18-30G (20units).

I also dabbled in upgrading items and with this found Eternal Belt Buckle's which are varied in price if you want to buy them from Blacksmiths.
First found a gent who sold me said item at 40G a piece and I ordered two (Down 80G) then found another guy 5 minutes later who sold it to me for 30G (Down 80G + 30G = 110G).

They did not sell...

...untill Sunday evening when people started seeing my spamming in the trade channel.

Sold two for 45 and one for 42, so in total a profit of 22G. Now that scared me as I was putting quite a bit of my money into one basket but what else is there to do. Rare metals etc do not come cheap on AH and making a profit means sitting there for long hours watching your bids and after all: I am writing this blog for the person who still plays WOW and wants to make money. 

So life continues.

Started playing a bit again on Saturday evening and Sunday morning early (as I had Easter Lunch and Egg hunt) and eventually levelled to 31 where I had to spend money on my mount... 45G in Total.

not me in pic. Copyright blah blah

So after spending that money and having quite a lot on the AH I was almost broke...
Money started dribling into my mailbox from sold Mats and metals like Steel Bars.

Note on that: Found Iron bars to be cheaper than the ore +-8G per stack (20), so I bought up a lot (checking percentages using Auctioneer and choosing the lowest rates) and bought some Coal and proceeded to make Steel Bars which sold for 10-11G per stack (20), so make a small but constant income.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good days and bad days

After spending hours yesterday waiting and hiding to get more mats etc at the Faire I put everything onto the aliance AH.
Now not eveything has sold like I wanted it to specially the scrolls, but it they are not sold by tonight then I will most def be splitting the stacks up into individual items.

AH amount increased last night to +-80-100 items! Woohoo.

On a better note I made close to 120G yesterday from the AH with easily still 140+ G in the AH and lots of stock sitting in the guild bank.

Currently sitting with 73G in my bag, 37G in the guild bank and lots and lots of metal stocks.
The reason I bought metal stock is because I found someone yesterday who can provide a solid income for metals + with the fact that bars are cheaper than ore and Im mining ore in any case it just means that I make 1G+ profit per two stacks of bronze I sell and its constantly so it a win win deal.

Ill be trying today to go to Shatarah and list some items there as the mats Im buying from the faire will more than likely sell quicker there to the high level players.

Also spent some time last night questing and going through stockades with some high level players.
Leveled from 25-27 last night mostly from XP made by handing in higher level quests i.e. Lvl 31 Stoackades quests.

Now I can really start grinding mobs Frost AoE style with the help of my trusty healer buddy. High amounts of XP here we come!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Still Daily Grind

Well been at Darkmoon Faire for most of the morning and collected quite a bit of stash.

All the items I collected/bought run up to about 248 Gold at the AH using the Auctioneer addon's market price (taking undercutting into consideration)

Lets hope all these sell.

Daily Grind - Starting with my money making quest

So I logged in yesterday after work to see if Ill be getting any Gold anytime soon seeing as I ony had silver on me...

I scored a little bit from the AH and then realised that I had a nice Blue Sword (cant remember the name) which I sent my alt for safe keeping when raiding Gnomeregan, turns out it was worth 18G+ on the AH and thus I advertised it for sale on the trade channel and eventually sold it.

With 18G and some silver in my pocket I made a quick trip to the Darkmoon Faire, where I bought some 2 standard frog boxes and 1 wood frog box (which just aint selling!) and on the way bought some cats close to stormwind and some parrots+patterns in booty bay.

Listing the cats in the Neutral AH in BB (booty Bay) and the Parrots in the Stormwind AH has sold a few, but not exactly what I wanted.

The frogs from darkmoon faire has sold quite well as I undercut the competition by quite a margin whilst making a +-300% profit.

This morning was quite a nice surprise, some of my AH items sold last night which netted me close to 65 G and I decided to go and list more on the neutral AH and go back to the Faire for Black Lotus and the like, but I have decided that I will stay at the faire as long as possible to make sure I spend close to all my G on rare/difficult reagents and scrolls which I will then post in the alliance AH.

Wish me luck.

<---This is me /sleep 'ing to hide from Horde.

Just so you know. After +-1 hour of hiding and fighting at the Faire I have loads of Reagents and scrolls and still have 50G 50S on my person with about 80-100G in the AH (40-50G of which im just waiting for the auction to expire)

Will give you a more indepth review later on on what I bought etc etc.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting ready for Childrens week

With Childrens week approaching quickly I want to start making plans as soon as I can to make money and get achievements.

First off: This is a special event, so items which allow for achievements and the like will be worth many a gold for a short duration of time.
Two such items to start looking out for are:
  1. Tasty Cupcake
  2. Delicious Chocolate Cake
These are used in the Bad Example achievement and its a easy achievement to get if you can find the sweets to eat.
Thus for a week or two these two small items will fetch a good price on the AH and just in the local trade market.

Please keep in mind as a lower level you wont have access to these recipes as they are mostly from high level daily quests (rare drops) and have quite high cooking requirements, thus if you have a high level friend with high cooking skill then I would encourage you to start asking now for these to be made, or try and buy low/sell high on the AH.

I will personally be aiming for the following achievements:
  • Home Alone
  • Aw, isnt it Cute
  • Veteran Nanny (maybe)
  • Bad Example

Wish me luck and please let me know if you have any luck with making money from this event.

A little test: A tale of 1000G.

Discussing gold with a friend in a group last night I found out that level 21's normally have approx 10G at that level from playing the game, not playing the market so I realized that with 140+G sitting in my pocket (now spent) and more in the AH that I was playing the markets right and thus wanted to do an experiment.

Now I know this is not a unique thing as its being done by Skrooge at his blog.

What I propose doing is seeing how fast I can now reach 1000G. Now please keep in mind I only have +- 1G 50S in my bag right now and about 40G in the AH.
So I will wait for the money to come in form AH and then start using the AH and making gold by any means possible, thus I will sell rare vendor items and look for cheap deals on the AH.

Soon as the money is in from the AH I will start this blog entry in more detail.

On a lighter note (but something beneficial to my WOW gold collecting effort, is that it is easter tomorrow and I have taken some well deserved leave as well. So I have ten days of late WOW playing and daily house cleaning and gardening... but most importantly, ten days of late WOW playing.

Happy Easter to everyone.


Well well well, the achievements are just popping up.
Started doing a bit more instances and thus started leveling up my gear quite decently as well as made lost more XP.

Tuesday I hit Deadmines with a level 80 and a level 20 and it went quick, picking up a lot of good items and making some copper from fallen enemies.
Tried it again directly afterwards with a full group featuring a level 24, me (21 at that stage), 17,16 (x2). This was hard as our tank was brilliant but a level 23 Druid and the other guys didnt know what their roles were thus the beginning was a bit sketchy with level 16's aggro'ing everything in site and getting the group killed numerous times. After about 35-45 min worth of play the level 17 druid left and it started going smoother. The level 16's stayed back and healed (Priest and Paladin) and myself and 23 Druid got to kicking some arse.

Was good and more items were had (Blue's and Greens)

So last night I get invited by the 23 Druid from the night before to do Gnomeregan (an instance in Dun Morogh (close to Ironforge) but he didnt pitch till late due to other party member being tardy. So i found a level 75 mage which agreed to take me through (even though I was too low level at 22).
We were joined by a level 28 hunter and his friendly Raptor pet and went off into the wild dark dungeon.
Needless to say, its HUGE and thus we got lost a few times, but using my skills as a navigator we made it to all the bosses and thus also got the Achievement and some great items.

Tips to newbies of instances:
  • If you low level, stay back (even if you are a paladin and want to tank, you cant if your level is too low)
  • Rolling Need/Greed: If you dont need it, pass. If you want it but its not a neccesity the roll greed. And if you the only i.e. Mage in the group using cloth and a cloth item comes up then roll need. Then only!
  • Dont spend too much time looting, you hold everyone back if you in a high level group. Just love the free XP your getting.
  • Try to assist if your shots keep missing. Heal, Buff and make sure your not getting flanked

Hitting my first 100G

Well with a bit of luck and lots of skill (!) I made my first 100G last night.

Selling quite a bit of mats which I bought from the Darkmoon Faire I easily made 60-80 G yesterday just on those and there is still about 40G waiting for me in the AH.

I then proceeded to buy myself 5 Netherweave Bags and buy a Bank Tab for the guild.

Total cost: 125 G (100G for Bank Tab and 25G for the bags.

I will be going back to the Fair tonight to go pick up more mats and special items.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alternative to Outfitter

The creators of WOW addon: Outfitter has stopped working on it and there are doubts that I will be handed over/supported in future patch version of WOW.

A alternative had to be found.

In comes ClosetGnome
This equipment management addon is not only small on system resources but small in size but strong and easy enough for beginner WOW player use.
Allowing you to specify 'outfits' i.e. Fishing outfits and the like, it will automatically equip you with the right equipment for the job.

Let me explain:
you specify your outfit for i.e. Fishing and save that 'outfit'/gear as Fisherman.
When you want to fish, you mearly click on the Fisherman name in ClosetGnome and it equips all the relevant gear.
When you want to go back you just click on the normal equipment you have specified.

Quick and easy.

Only thing is you cannot edit a set, but saving it as the same name will overwright the existing gear set.

Darkmoon Faire Time (chance to make money)

Its that time of the month again...

Darkmoon Faire is in town (well not exactly), and as a new player with a hunger for gold I decided to visit the fabled area of cheap alcohol and rare items. Problem is the faire was in Mulgore this month and im alliance.

All I can say is that it was worth the trip.

Sitting in Stormwind without a quick way of getting to the faire in Mulgore I decided to hoof it and take any means of transport needed.
Luckily I traveled (took AGES) to Bootybay last sunday for the weekly Fishing competition which I was to low level for (dont ask) and thus had a flight point already there.

The trip was as follows:
  1. Fly - Stormwind -> Booty Bay
  2. Ship - Booty Bay -> Ratchet
  3. Run - Ratchet -> Mulgore
First time I went, I did not know what to expect and which things I would be able to buy there.
Sorry for me....

If you get the chance to go to the faire, do it but WARNING make sure you clear out your bags beforehand as being far form a home town means no postbox, no bank and not alt to give stuff to and make sure you take as much money as possible.

Arriving you will meet an asortment of characters but the two you really want to talk to are:
Lhara (exotic goods vendor)
Flik (frog vendor)

Lhara has many goods ranging from mats like herbs and leather to items like Darkmoon Ring.
She also has a roughly 10-20 minute respawn on most things she sells and if you use Auctioneer you will see that most of the items are cheap in comparison to their AH prices. An example would be Ancient Lichen which you can buy for a few silver but sell on most auction houses for gold pieces. So stay for a whilst and stock up on mats and items. Just watch out for items which you buy for 20Silver when they only fetch 21-28 silver on AH, thats just not worth the visit.

Flik, now he is a whily one. Running almost non stop you have to catch him when the frog he is chasing stops and believe me you have to do business fast as he bolts off after the frog in a few seconds, so right click and buy ASAP.
He only has three items he sells namely:
  • Heavy Leather Ball
  • Tree Frog Box
  • Wood Frog Box
Now if you are a collecter like me, then buy yourself the two frogs asap and use them for yourself. If you just want to make money then buy a few Tree Frog Box's at 1G each and sell for approx 5-6G on AH. Flik randomly has the Wood Frog Box in stock and has only 1 available at that time, so getting two can be tricky and time consuming but its worth the wait as I just listed under AH value at 10-20G for a 1G dealer cost item. Keep in mind the Wood Frog is a rare pet and will be good value all year round.

Now to the hidden stuff:
Go to the AH and search for Dark Iron Ale Mug and buy 2 units. Then go to the faire and look for Morja. Use the Dark Iron Ale and place it at her feet, you will see Jubjub (her pet frog) coming to her (this takes a minute or two), you will then be able to talk to her (blue Question Mark) where she will ask you for another Dark Iron Ale (glad you bought two), once you give that to her she will give you a Egg which will hatch in 7 days and you will be the proud owner of your own JubJub Frog.

Good reads (Mostly links for mages)

Mage Levelling Guide

Bangy's AoE guide for Mages (Frost). Bangy tells you how to grind using the Frost Talent tree as mage.

This guys is a god when it comes to making money.

This has a great explanation on mob anchor radius i.e. how Aggro and mobs attacking you whilst you run past works.

Sometimes the smallest things make you the best money

Your first gold piece... /yell Dont BEG!

Now if your not a Level 80 who just rolled a new toon (alternate character) and given him/her money and if you dont have friends in high places who will just give you money then you will have to start making your money the honest (?) way.

First things first, pick up almost everything and sell everything. Dont let something pass which is worth gold, the more gold you have the more you can make (or loose).

Secondly try and get a gathering profession as soon as you can. These include Mining, Herbalism and skinning (fishing also counts but not as easy/profitable).

Herbalism takes time to get the good profit:work ratio herbs whilst mining is hard as veins are not always available and it takes ages to level so you can mine the good stuff. Skinning is an easy and great "partner" profession as almost anything you kill can be skinned and the leather sold and seeing as you will kill things a lot you will also level this quicker and get more materials (mats).

Dont get me wrong, I am currently using mining and herbalism as my main professions and if you want to make some good money then I would recommend getting two gathering professions as well.

You can always roll another toon or swap your profession at a higher level when you got enough money to something else like Jewelcrafting etc. but at lower levels two gathering professions will aid in your money making endevours as you will have no need for the mats you gather and thus can sell everything and make money.

So lets start with the processes I use.

Using Auctioneer:
This is actually very very simple, try and log in as many times a day as possible to scan the AH.
The more you scan the auction house, the more realistic/accurate the data will be and soon you will get a feel for what stuff sells for.
A scan takes approx 10-25 minutes so I start a scan when I eat breakfast, when I return home from work and just before I go to bed.
Now when you post items on the AH auctioneer will track those items and even allow you to undercut the competitors.

Gathering your way to some money:
Use your gathering professions as much as possible (just be weary when you reach your expetise cap i.e. 75 Mining as you wont level mining unless you go to a trainer first).
In most starting areas of the game you will get copper veins and gather anything from 1-4 copper ore from each. Meaning that after 30min or so of running around and mining from a area such as Dun Morogh you can easily have 1-2 stacks of copper ore (1stack = 20pieces).
When returning to town or whenever close to a forge you can convert these to Copper Bars.
Now on my server a stack of Copper Ore fetches about 1.2-1.8G and a stack of Copper Bars can fetch anything from 2.3-3G.

Keep in mind, you might think no newbies will be able to afford that, but most alternate characters (i.e. the main char is Lvl. 80 and rolled a new character) will just want to level professions fast and have the money to spend so believe me when I say you will sell your mats quite quickly on a busy server.

Making money from junk:
Once my toon is past level 30 then I will release my secret items for sale untill then I will leave you with this glimmer of monetary hope.
Go to all stores/mechants and with auctioneer installed move your mouse over all the items.
Dont bother with the normal crap like Anchk's and Bread etc. but over things you dont normally see. Recipes (cooking, alchemy), patterns (tailoring) etc will sometimes offer you really nice surprises.
One such example is the Pattern: White Wedding Dress which can be bought in Stormwind's mages quarter for +-95 Silver and sold on the AH for anything from 3-5G.

Which AddOns to start out with

So the day came when I had installed WOW, BC (Burning Crusade) and WOTLK (Wratch of the Lich King) and all the needed patches when I came to the sudden realisation that I needed to get myself some addons for WOW.

Now I could remember these from my previous WOW install where a friend made me copy his entire interface folder but back then I didnt really know what to take and what I even had.

Forward to today, when things are easier.

Visiting a site called I found they have a slick interface and a client which can be installed on either PC or Mac aptly named the "Curse Client".

Now what this tool does is watch your wow addons for you and allow easy updating and installation of addons. Works 99% of the time, but some addons are not complaint and thus needs a manual install and set up in game.

After installing curse client and researching quite a few sites for addon and interface info I found that the following were the addons I wanted and needed (keep in mind, this list will be updated/changed from time to time).

These addons I selected as I was leveling and making money thus didnt need raid addons etc.

First off:
This is an essential mod should you want to rule (maybe) the Auction House(AH) as it scans all items on the AH and works out what the prices are and how to undercut them. It does a lot more than that but take my word for it, you need this.

Awesome little tool, displays a toolbar at the top with info on it i.e. How much gold you got, armor condition, where you are etc etc and can be further modified to house more info and better info regarding your character.

Carbonite (not available form Curse)
Carbonite jusst became FREE!!!
This is a awesome addon (which I have been waiting for and installing tonight) which... wait ill lets the salees talk do the work:
  • Map - The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use and flexible Google like map. Move, size or zoom it the way you like. Map Features
  • Quest - Blaze through quests at lightning speed and level faster than you ever thought possible. Our extensive quest database lists the location of quest givers, objectives and turn-ins. Simply click any objective from your quest list and Carbonite will show you where to go. No more wasted time bouncing back and forth between a web browser and the game. Quest Features
  • Guide/Hud - The guide is your in-game GPS - it contains the location of every mailbox, trainer, flight master, repair vendor, instance, battle master, etc... if it's in the game it's in the guide. Just click the icon and the HUD navigation arrow will show you the direction, distance and ETA to your target. You can also use it to locate your friends or guild members in a battleground. Guide Features name a few.

These are essentially more of the same and I think (ill have to double check) I have both installed on my system.
QuestHelper tells you how to finish your quests in the easiest, fastest manner.
AtlasLoot Enhanced is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game. It can access full item tooltips, show drop rates, allow items to be chat linked and to use the dressing room.

EBB provides groups of statusbar style indicators to show (de)buffs currently affecting your toon or some other units (currently focus, pet and target). For the player, it can also show indicators for temporary enchants place on it's weapons.
You essentially use this to track how long your buffs i.e. Scroll of Intelligence still have to go before expiring and also to track DeBuffs like  poison etc.

I will post more detail on the various addons as I go on.

Welcome (to me)

Well well well.
Decided to create this blog to help people like me starting out with wow.

A little history:
Played World of Warcraft on a private server housing at most 200 players at a single time and another 2800 players waiting to log in. This was free and mostly crap as it was very very buggy and there was not really a sence of it being the WOW that everyone was going on about.

Been playing games (mostly PC) for most of my life, so I know the lingo and thus will try and pass that knowledge onto you dear reader.

After a strangly not so long process of getting my ADSL (broadband) line installed in my new home I decided to start playing WOW on the real servers where I was told 19999 other people could be joining me at any time.

The rumors were right and I joined a EU server called Terokkar which is a PvE (player vs enviroment, this means you cant just be attacked by everybody and anybody, thats what PvP is for) server.

Now I have to add that I was doing a lot of research on which race, class and proffesions to take and read alot of text and guides, also watching quite a bit of youtube videos on what can and cant be done.

Now from the first time I playing World of Warcraft on the private/free servers I knew that money (gold) in game would play a very important role and thus decided to almost rival my race/class research with reseatch pertaining to making Gold and making LOTS of it.

This is where I think ill strike a niche: by helping low level players make their first gold easy and quick.

Hope you enjoy this and bookmark the blog, or RSS feed it?
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