Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well your more than likely waiting for an update, well have I got one for you.

After a week of buying stock and selling regulars, we made some good cash and good stock.

I decided to clean out most of the mats and low and behold, we have been cleaned out. Most of our gold stolen and almost all our mats gone.

It was a old Officer from when the guild started. A good friend (or so i thought) who I had kept in the guild with myself and my banking partner as he was offline for some time and I wanted him to know where to find my main when/if he came back.

So here's your lesson. DONT TRUST anyone.

Blizzard is now in the process of reviewing my ticket and thus I might get some of the stuff back or not.

If not its 3000+ G gone.


  1. It's people like that that make me wish technology would hurry up and allow me to reach through the monitor to smack someone who REALLY needs it.

    Hope the GM comes through in quick order.

  2. With all the people I know who have been hacked, there is a chance that your "friend" was hacked and it was his toon but not him that stole. I defer to nobody in my cynicism and distrust of others, but you might feel better if you believed it was "merely" an anonymous crook rather than a betrayal.


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