Thursday, July 9, 2009


One down, 6 to go.

Finished Heroic: The Mechanar last night and did a run of Magisters Terrace to get the atunement for the Heroic Version.

Tonight however will be a bit quieter as we will only be running Heroic: Magisters Terrace and then the guild goes to raid, of which I cannot yet join due to level requirements and gear spec.

So last night made some good rep 2000+ with the Sha'tar and made approx 40G in the instance itself.
Also sold my Darkmoon: Beserker card to a fellow guildmate for 550G thus increasing my total worth to about 1100G.

As stated in my previous post I will be using my banker as primary money maker and use the Gold I make from questing and dailies for my main's everyday expenditure. So with that in mind I moved most of the gold on my main to my banker and thus have 125G+- in my main's bag and the rest sitting in the bankers bank.

So the bankers guild bank now has close to 1k Gold in it and as per myself and my partners agreement we will be banking cash and starting with investment on the 20th of July so what amount we will have accrued by then still has to be seen.

Sold some more Frogs on the AH last night along with some Plans: Storm Gauntlets and thus netted another 50-70G on a very small investment.

Went and bought another Chaos Deck to go hand in at the Darkmoon Faire for another Darkmoon card, but this time the Deck was seriously underpriced and I think I will actually make a great profit on this item.

Sorry for the small post but not a lot happened last night. I will be starting another gold making goal along with our trading date on 20 July so get ready for some GREAT gold making tips and tricks as we need to make huge amounts of cash in a very short period of time due to myself and partner reaching 80 and needing gear and flying training.

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