Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting there

So my goal this week is to get the Outland Dungeon master Achievement and maybe level a level or 2 within this time.

The reason I want to get the Outland Dungeon Hero achievement is because when you do Heroic Instances and finish them you get both an Achievement for the Heroic as well as the normal, thus speeding up the process.

Last night I completed two before calling it a night:

They were:

Heroic: The Alcatraz
Heroic: The Botanica

Now all I have left to do are:

Heroic: Sethekk Halls
Heroic: Shadow Labyrinth
Heroic: Opening of the Dark Portal
Heroic: The Mechanar
Heroic: Magister's Terrace
Heroic: Auchenai Crypts
Heroic: The Escape from Durnholde

Of which I will hopefully finish Mechanar, Magisters Terrace and Maybe Auchenai Crypts tonight as the group I am doing this with is amazing and we are well geared for the tasks.

Getting to the money....

Well I started off last night with 50+ slots open in my bags and after having a disappointing greed roll evening I filled up only 5 slots of those open with greens and some high value vendor trash, but amazingly I made 50G+ from those two Heroic Instances and got +-5000 rep with the Sha'tar making it a very good evening indeed.

On the other side of the coin, my banker also had some luck with mass posting of Wood Frogs and Tree Frogs from the previous Darkmoon Faire netting me 100+ Gold.

I also eventually sold one of my Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether for a disappointing 130G on trade.

I am now sitting with 300+-G on my banker and about 60G on my main with more spread across my banking alts. In total I’m above the 500G mark and still buying strong with my roaming DK banker at the Darkmoon Faire.

Now this month I have changed my goal for the darkmoon faire, where if you have been following my progress you will know I normally sell all the mats (leather/herbs) for huge profits and occasional processing i.e. milling.

This time I’m taking a different approach, trying to get mats for trade skills and levelling as runic potions for instance are costing me a fortune for my main toon.

Thus with herbs this cheap it only makes sense to buy cheap and get some made thus saving me gold in the long run and more than likely saving me more than I would have profited.


After deliberation I have decided to ask a fellow guild mate and real life friend to join up with my banker as his banker is solely relying on his bags for storage.

Now this brings some pros and cons to the table.

Firstly we have decided that whilst we are achieving goals for our mains that we will not use the banker’s money for the mains as it’s not really needed. Great gear is normally dropped and the grind from +-72 to level 80 doesn’t normally need special gear. Only at 80 will we actually take money to get the gear needed for Nax etc.

Plus we are already making enough money to support our mains by questing and doing dailies.

The pros of an agreement are as follows:

  • More capital as two bankers are making money for one bank
  • more stock for volatile market
  • more money = more bank tabs (more space)

The cons:

  • your partner could Ninja all the gear and leave you with nothing
  • your partner could use money for bad investments/gear on main
  • your partner could use all the mats/supplies you buy to sell for own profit or invest it wrongly

So in essence you have to be in agreement before you even start with this. A good basis is this:

  • Agree all money goes to guild bank
  • No gear is bought for main whilst you are in the capital generation phase
  • Set investment amount on a daily, weekly basis
  • Make sure you mainly use money to buy storage (this includes bags)

For myself I used this:

We agreed that 40% of the gold available on a weekly basis is used for investment and stock purchasing, unless we both agree on a product we want to invest a bit more in i.e. Titanium Ore before 3.2.

This means that if 1000G is in bank, that we can use 400G of that to bid on items and use profit from that to reinvest. We will then in the new week see what we made money on and if we profited for now and then adjust our amounts.

This means we always have money in the bank should we make a bad investment and that we never need to worry about losing out on a good deal, i.e. someone posting Titanium Ore at a ridiculously low price.

This constant communication also allows us to see what is selling well and what is not, so 2 sets of eyes are thus keeping an unstable AH in order as we have a lesser chance of making investment errors.

This also means that you can buy storage quicker and have the largest amount of storage available at any one time.

So for all the lower level players, making friends you can trust is of epic importance because in the long run it doesn’t cost much to get your own guild up and running with paid for Guild Charter Signatures.
After that a mere 100G nets you your first bank tabs and 88 slots of love.
That 88 slots of stock/gear or trade skill items like Eternal Belt Buckles.
And with the addition of a partner you will get all these things in half the time.

Just make sure that it is CLEAR that no big investment will be made without both party's go ahead and if the other is not online/in contact that no more than 40% of current value may be used. NO exception to the rule.

If both parties are online then decisions can be made on larger investment amounts i.e. 8 stacks of Titanium Ore at 100G a stack. (Example: 1000G in bank, stock investment 800G, still got 200G for emergencies)

Always remember DO NOT invest all your money as you then have no lifeline to hang on to.

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