Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Balancing a good WOW to real life ratio...

Todays post will be a bt more serious as I only have 5 min to type and try and give a tip as well.

Todays tip is: MEAT!!

What do I mean?
Well I have been looking at various things in my bags to so whether picking up greys and some whites is actually profitable and low and behold, I once again rediscovered meat.

Just like bear flank which is used for cooking up to a certain level and making good raid food, I have found that northrend meats, Shoveltusk (?) meats and Chilled meat actually fetch a impressive price on AH, specially on heavy raiding servers as raid food means an extra buff without dropping a powerfull Elixer or Scroll.

So look into things used for levelling a skill and products which are usefull on your server.
i.e. On my Pve server, PVP based elixers etc are not half as valueble as on other PVP servers.
But having less people and mostly levelling players means that lower level potions and meats makes for good profits.

On to my main topic:

Im leaving this one open to you, how do YOU personally strike a healthy WOW/Life balance?
I understand you can take days off etc etc but what about your dailies?


  1. I haven't done a daily in...1, 2, 3,...can I borrow some fingers? Seriously I have no idea. At least a few weeks after the tournament came out whenever that was.

    And WoW/life balance? Not sure I'm following you... :P

    AH takes care of my gold needs. It's faster and more profitable. I have 2 set raid days each week. I sometimes opt for more, but won't commit until soon before an off-night guild raid. That way I'm free to do whatever I want, whether in game or with the family.

  2. I just started doing dailies again bc the AH wasn't doing much for me (and i get bored with it). I'm not constantly broke but I'm not a millionare like some; to me there seems no point in having over 5k at any given time. I like the dailies bc its a guaranteed income stream with no capital expenditure.

    Anyway wow/life. Well its a balance, and if you are neglicting stuff to do wow then that's not good. I've been playing alot of wow in the last few days but I know my good friend is coming tonight for 3 days so no wow for a while for me. I wax and wane too, right now i'm kinda waning on wow activity, so Im' doing more reading and TV watching. Not like those are great alternatives but whatever.

    Regarding dailies, you need to get out of the mindset that its a necessity. yesterday for ex i spent about 2 hours trying to get the JC daily done (the valkryl one in icecrown). The stupid thing just didn't drop. So i did all my other dailies that involve that mob, and in the end I just abandoned the quest (maybe its bugged). Sure teh JC dailies is really critical, but damn it, it's a game. The world will not end if i don't get another token. I used to have the mindset that i'm forced to play every day for dailies, but now if i'm in the mood I do them, if not then great. There are so many dailies and by now most people have two 80s, so you can really churn out gold quickly if you feel you need to. I remember in the past there really were only 5-6 dailies total, so you had to be sure to do them every single day, and that got old pretty quick. Nowadays with so many options for gold, don't worry about skipping a day or three.

  3. I don't do dailies atm. I am trying new things with AH and crafting and a few other things so as not to take up all my precious time.

    As far as life/WoW balance goes. I go to work and work hard, I keep my grades up in the college I am in, I spend time with my girlfriend and on nice days like to go hiking or if raining playing my guitar. Just take some time off wow because I do tend to get kind of addicted lol. Good times all around though. As long as I keep my life straight I figure its ok to spend a good chunk of time on WoW.


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