Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taking on new things

You might have noticed in my previous post i mentioned that "myself and NEW guild" will be doing some Heroic Dungeons.

Yes I left my self created guild and handed it over to my trusty banker for administration.

This was a first step to happiness for me as I now have a banker with an extra 3 Guild Bank tabs (3x88=264 slots) for storage.

I am also doing more and more things I used to wait for, so no more [TRADE] LFG ManaTombs (Heroic) as the new guild has 200+ members of which about 70 are very active, thus it doesnt take me long to find party members for group quests and dungeons.

Being level 72 also has its benefits in terms of more dungeons to do as well as being invited to more high level raids as Im currently one of the highest DPS and AoE DPS members for my level in the guild and my gear is also top notch due to early experiments with Heroic instances and socketed gear.

Now Im just aiming at making money for my Epic Flying and Cold weather flying at level 78-80 as most of the good gear I can now make (Tailoring) or get from various quests and dungeons. So essentially all I need to spend money on are my potions and elixers (both of which I can get from alchemists in my guild at lower prices).

I am doing dailies specifically for rep with there factions:
Shatar (Shattrah City, BC)
The Kalu'ak (Borean Tundra, WotLK)
Shattered Sun Offensive (Isle of Quell Danas (?), BC)

as these net me keys and items i need to continue... (little Pengiun pet comes to mind)

more to come soon....

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