Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daily Grind ... no really its a grind!

Welcome one, welcome all.

Today im sitting on 500G again spread over my alts but with the added bonus of +-2000G worth of items on the AH.

Yet thats not the topic for todays post, my topic is the kick butt stuff I have done over the last few days.

Seeing as Midsummer Festival is yearly I thought it appropriate to complete as much of the achievements as possible
and thus get my Title and some more goodies.

Problem is that I am only buying WotLK later this week so the "Juggle 40 Torches in 15 sec" in Dalaran is out for the time being and thus the title has to wait.

I have however been running some instances and have been grinding Ahune, Frost Lord in Slave Pens, Coilfang for the last few nights.
I have been doing this for good reason and that is to get the staff he drops for my main toon.

but last night I scored big time as the cloak I wanted dropped as well as won on a greed roll for the rare pet he drops:

The pet was super lucky as it only drops approx 1.2% of the time.

Out of the +-10 times I have run this boss I have not yet seen the staff.

Run to you (not the Whitney song!)

Well well well...
Long time coming this, finally had time to go and get my Flying mount training and mount and seeing as my tailoring skill isnt high enough yet to use my Magic Carpet (which I got for bargain 40G on my server) I chose to purchase a Snowy Gryphon for my first flying experience.

Also I played Alterac Valley on a losing side till it came out of my ears to get 50 Alterac Valley marks of Honour to buy a Stormpike Battle Charger and so far I am impressed!

On to money making:
So far it has gone well. Making money from daily quests and doing the Midsummer Achievements has nicely bolstered my income as an average of 10G per 1xHorde Flame and 1xAlliance Flame has been quite welcome.

I have also been trolling the AH for quest items such as Fel Armaments and Marks of Segeras for my main to Rep grind.

I have also been buying up the regular suspects such as mid-high level ore's. Specially Titanium as Titanium unit prices has gone up to 19G per unit on my server.

Stuff i have been buying up:
Bear Flank (for cooking)
Small Furry paw (for Darkmoon Faire Rep grinding)
Dark Iron Ale Mug (for Jubling Pet at Darkmoon Faire)
Various herbs (for pigments)
Cheap Gems (selling for less than 30-40% of value)

Well thats all I got for today. Comment or let me know if you got anything to share.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer is here

Ola peeps

Damn, two posts in one day...

Well I was just thinking of the great advent of WOW Special events such as the Midsummer Fire Festival currently in you nearest main city.

Now this presents players of higher level with a chance to get a Title and some cool achievments and lower level players to get their hands on some items which they would otherwise have to wait a year for.

It also offers mid level mages a great chance to make some G by selling portal. Now i know this could be something seen as common knowledge but a mage who is mainly seen as a taxi/water dispenser can make some serious cash in busy times with this festival.

Offering portals from SW or IF to Darnassus for the Unusual Activity quest line offers easy quick rewards of gold and selling the occasional portal to Theramore can net you good profits. This is applicable to any players doing this quest line from level 22+

Other then that there is not a lot of money to be made by lower levels by/for this event.

For the higher level player there is quite a bit of money to be made as Honouring flames outcity the major cities allow you to net 3+ G per flame and dessecrating Horde flames will net you 5-7 G+

Now imagine all the horde flames and alliance flames and you can just imagine the money you can make whilst grinding for an achievement.

Thats all I got for today. Have fun and comment if you got good info on this subject.

Also check out markco's blog : Just my two copper for some awesome gold making tips.

Back by popular demand

Been very busy in the last whilst both in a private fashion and a WOW fashion.

Been trying to get to level 70 and make enough money to pay for my Flying Training and my dual spec as Im starting to do more heroic instances and thus need to learn how to play different specs and make sure my role as DPS is done properly.

With the darkmoon faire a memory (a bad one as it was in stormwind) I still have lots of Frogs and some herbs available to sell, but seeing as my server houses more Alliance than Horde the amount of people who bought at the faire was rediculous and this the AH is still flooded with most of the mats.

Hopes are high that the market will restabalise itself next month with the Faire being in Mulgore and not being available to low level alliance players.

Good news though is that whilst I paid a good 350-550G per deck of cards which I thought wasnt going to sell I realized that I had reached the level with my main where I can hand in these decks and sell the cards which drop.
I have resold a few Darkmoon cards for 300-500G profit each. Just if you follow this and try sell cards first take a month to research which cards sell quickly and which dont.

DO NOT just buy decks of cards as my Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether just is not selling.

Light at the end of the chapel
Well at least there is some hope. I know this might be old news to some but for you who dont know:
Titanium Ore can be prospected to Epic Gems as of update 3.2., this means that Titanium Prices will shoot through the roof in the near future.

I have invested a good sum of gold in this and hopefully will make a good profit.

Sorry thats all I got for today. I will be posting more regularly to update you on my progress with Rep, PVP and more heroics!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a surprise

Hey All

Sorry for the long lost posts....

Got some great news though.
Darkmoon Faire started again this week and thus I sent my DarkmoonBanker to go and represent.
Now on a server which is mainly Alliance, having the Faire outside Stormwind means a lot more visitors and thus sometimes not getting ANY stock from Lhara.

But last night a realized a market which I never tapped.

Dark Iron Ale which can be procured in Blackrock depths or the AH on non Faire weeks is relatively cheap.

This item is used to get two pets.
Disguting Oozeling

Now before you go off on me. I know the Oozeling doesnt need this, but after reading up a bit, your chances increase in getting this pet if you have the Ale with you (?)

But to the point.
TO get the Jubling you need two Darkmoon Iron Ale's which you will use at on of the Darkmoon Faire's NPC's.
One to lure the Jubling to its master and another to give to the NPC as gift.
She then hands you the Jubling Egg which hatches in 7 days.

No usually I coundnt sell these on AH for 2-3G each, but last night after selling my stock prior for 1G for 2-4 units I started selling them for 7-12G per 2 units in AH and quick sales of 2 units in /2 TRADE for 7-10G.

This is a money making extravaganza and a tip of the week!

PS: EU servers are not benefitting as much from the USA summer holidays as I expected as prices on my server seems to still hover and fluctuate in the same areas as before. Thus dont go and spend all your money on Eternal's and Eternal belt buckles just yet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just not in the mood - angry at Blizzard

Ok this is a rant, if you looking for info and helpfull stuff then check the previous post on my addons.

This is a pure, paying customer is pissed off entry into this blog of mine.

Levelling in WOW is great fun and most new players are engrossed by this huge world which has been painstakingly created to be as amazing as it can be in terms of Aesthetics and interaction.
Now from experience I can say that I have found myself lost in this world many times, playing for must longer as I planned by searching for this special item or running around in this maze of an instance.

So I hit 60 a few days ago, meaning finally being able to get some good gear in terms of socketed gear and Tier Armors, but I was sadly mistaken on the latter.

Now blizzard has thought of after many complaints about allowing players who have levelled all the way to 80 to start any alt toon at a hight level than 1, i.e. 40 or 55 like a DK.

I think this is very wrong as its part and parcel of the game. You start at level 1 to enjoy the story and learn how to play the class.

My problem: how can I as a player enjoy the game at level 60 if I cant even get the armor I want. My problem arose whilst in this flurry of excitment about grinding and raiding for my tier armors and after seeing the Tier 3 armor for level 60's on Wow-europe's website I though about getting those instead of the 1 and 2 sets (another rant, but ill keep that till last).

Searching google and wow head for info on this Tier 3 Frostfire armor for my mage I started reeading comments etc on this armor of how and where to find it. Comments dating back to 2006 shows that this armor rocks for a mage and you need this and that all the whilst my excitement was growing as this armor did not really need me to spend 2-4 hours getting a raid together for Oznia's Lair or Molten core and where to get the damn key.

After patch 3.? this armor set was kind of disabled, meaning quests and drops pertaining to this armor set was disabled and thus the armor set is still in the game, you just cant get it any more.

Now this is why im MOST pissed off and am actually taking the rest of the week off. How the hell can I enjoy a game which Im paying for if the stuff which makes me want to discover and explore every nook and cranny of it is disabled? Why must I go to the level 60 raids (25-40 man) if the gear I wanted is not there anymore, or if I need to spend 2-4 hours getting people together for raids which will net me worse gear?

And this is where my second gripe comes from, this is the reason I actually am getting the same ideas as 90% of newer WOW players out there.

WotLK gets released and NO one wants to do classic or BC anymore. Only level 70+ stuff matters and its a race to get there.

I cant even get a decent crew together for a 20 man raid in Classic or BC because people are too busy trying to hit the magical 70-80, so they actually skip entire chapters and areas of the game missing out on the magic which is WOW.
I now actually want to use the guide I posted a day or two back to go and QUICKLY level my 63 mage to 80, just so I can solo most places, so I can in fact experience some of the WOW areas I cannot right now.

The problem with Blizzard pushing all this new stuff and forcing people to push for the WotLK instances etc etc is that most players are newbies when they get there.

•Level 55 WArlock gets tired of warlock getting killed due to cloth armor etc etc. He rolls a new lvl55 DK....
•Firstly he doesnt know how to play a melee class and thus wipes the groups he plays with.
•70% of players rolling a DK in this fashion cant play the class effectively and thus RUINS the DK class reputation
•Levels as quick as possible to 80, meaning he has no understanding of real RAID and 10/25 man groups.

Where Classic and BC instances and raids are designed to teach players about specific situations, the players are now not learning that and thus these virgins walk into Ulduar and get not jsut their own but their RAID groups asses kicked as they cannot fill there role in the group.

An example is a raid in BC, where players gets a charge from a boss, either Negative or Positive.
If you get close to an opposed charged player you do damage (explode kind of).
Same type of raid in WotLK, but people never did this BC training and dont know what to do, so people keep wiping and poeple get pissed off, not wanting to play with DK's and level 74 and lowers etc etc.

Good bye for the rest of the week!

My Addons list

Ok so today I thought about adding my list of addons which I use to make my WOW more interesting.

Now keep in mind I play on 1680x1050 res and thus make my toolbars smaller and thus have no need for bar mods as I think the original looks cool.

Now on the right you will see my list from the Curse Client.

My top 3 Addons are:

1. Carbonite Addon: (not on Curse)
Cannot do without this, its a map mod and a quest helping mod which gets updated regularly. Try it out, you will not look back, EVER. Has a nifty quest list and punk detecter which alerts you of nearby enemy toons.

2. Auctioneer:
The one and only Auction House mod. If you are  into trading on AH, then this is the mod for you. Tracks prices on AH and gives you a broad outlook on profits to be made.

3. Titan Panel:
My information service, this mod allows a range of other addons to be added to a neat bar at the top of your screen. Info like location, money, bag space, mail, AH alerts and others all assist in getting your info faster.
Note: This works awsome with things like Easymail and Auditor

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Helping a good cause + making money (not for the cause though :))

Ola peeps, sorry for the lack of updates, but this is my realax week with the family so Im not playing half as much as I normally do.
Just something to keep you busy.
I found a FREE levelling guide that has the right ideas and the fact that the author is notcharging for the opportunity  means that I will support him as much as possible.

I for one might not use his guide as I normally like taking my time levelling and exploring but for those of you wanting to get to level 80 QUICK, then i think this will help a lot.

Been using 250+G on my main to level Tailoring so she does not have much money now.
Took banker though and bought another guild bank tab 2 days ago for 500G, thus leaving him with approx 450G in bags, 400+G on AH and about 200-400G in stock (in bank and bags)

But struck a bit of good luck though and this will be my tip for the week.
Never think that all people use auctioneer as THEY DONT!

People easily undervalue or overvalue items.

I bought this gun: Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle on AH for 320G on sunday morning as Auctioneer was telling me its worth 1600G+, but in my haste I forgot to look at the amount of times it has been seen on the AH (in my case I saw it was two times).

This means that Auctioneer could have seen way overpriced prices for this item and thus mislead me on this and some other occasions.

Trying to sell this the entire Sunday evening, I thought I'd try trade whilst sticking this on the AH for 670G. In trade I advertised for 500, no hits, tried 450G still with no luck.

Thus i was sitting and actively advertising this in TRADE for close to 30-45 minutes to no avail, even dropping the price to 450G and thinking about dropping the price even more.

To my surprise, just as I was to once again drop the TRADE price, I got a message telling me its sold in the AH.

Needless to say I made a 350G profit on this item in less than a day and was back to 1000G+ on my banker even after buying mats and the guild bank tab.

So the tip is in short:
When buying always remember to actually look at how many times a item has been seen on the AH as many times equals a accurate price and few does not necceseraly.
With this said also remember that there might be people who dont check this and buys on impulse.

"A purple, rare item for 20-30% of its value? Damn i had better snatch this up now before its gets spotted"
I have had these moments and think most of you have had it as well.

Thus most people who dont have auctioneer wont see the average price and some with auctioneer actually see it as a bargain.
Remember to add this to your library of variables and you could make tons of cash.

From my experiences:
  • Think that people have auctioneer and thus can spot a bargain
  • Think people have auctioneer and have not scanned enough to get a realistic price thinking expensive items are actually bargains
  • Think people dont have auctioneer and thus list items just to make bag space
  • Use trade for lazy people. Going to AH means 1000's of players lagging your connection, meaning some people dont like to go to the AH in main cities, thus when they see something nice in TRADE they will generally buy it at a higher price.
If you got anything to add, then please leave a comment.
I know this isnt a perfect post, but Ive just ranted a bit.
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