Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My stock

Well we started yesterday with trying to find stuff we wanna buy and sell.

I netted a good 100G again via pet trading in the AH as selling in /2TRADE gives other people the idea of selling your items for cheaper thus getting the sales and ruining the market.

What I also found is that currently the mats for making Frostweave bags (60x frostweave cloth, 12x Infinite Dust, 2x Eternium Thread [per bag]) are significantly cheaper than what the bag itself is selling for.

On my market the mats amount to about 50-56G per bag and the bag sells for 68+ G thus netting me a good 8+ G profit (after deposits etc), making it a good way to make money and level up my skill.

Also started looking into buying Eternals and found that as usual the market is confused with high and low sellers. Once the low seller is bought out, the prices shoot to the norms again, which is normally high.

Also had a look at pets (other than the usual constant income pets I sell) and found that the market is too volitile to play in and I decided that I wont be losing money on those.

So all in all, we will be looking for cheap stock for the next week or so of Titanium Ore, Eternals and mats for bags and needed items.

I will also be looking into using my main (and paying her a salary/tip) to make things like Spellthreads and bags to make cash.
My partner will be looking into making armor kits to also recieve a constant income.

Eternal Belt buckles are dead on my realm, listing for anything from 28G-45G, thus the market has been killed in the last few months since I last sold those. I will however be keeping an eye on that item as it can turn at any time and with some innovative marketing in trade this selling price could once again be increased.

Tips for new players:
Try and make Netherweave bags if you are a tailor as this is a constantly selling item and will offer a good constant income to supply your training/repairs with gold.

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