Monday, July 20, 2009

So it starts

Ola dear readers

Seeing as it is the 20th of July 2009, I have to start my new goal of money making with my current setup.

To get you up to speed.
  • Joined up with a guild mate who also has a banker
  • Converted my old guild to banker only guild with us two members
  • Saved up money these last two weeks, in total approx 1500G in guild bank
  • about 200+ G on my banker, dont know about partners banker
What we looking to do, make as much gold as possible in as little time as possible.

Now i know this sounds very generic and its something we all strive for but simply put, my main is steadily heading towards level 80 and pre-naxx gear, Epic Flying, cold weather flying and dual spec needs to be paid for. This means lots of gold will be spent on those things as well as the usual training and repairing.

Now we have the capital and with two users scanning the AH almost at a daily basis it means that we will have a better overview on what will make us a profit and what will not.

With a guild bank (4 tabs) nearly full of stock such as gems, enchanting mats and cloths we have quite a bit of money's worth of stock, but to me thats not enough.
We are looking to expand our stock with the likes of cheap Eternals and Titanium pre patch 3.2 as eternals have a very hectic fluctuating market, meaning great amounts of money can be lost/won in a short period of time and as most of you know titanium ore which WILL fetch a good price after 3.2 as jewelcrafters can prospect for Epic Jewels.

I will also be looking at cheaper non-combat pets as constant income money makers as they normally sell when posted at good prices on weekends in about 1-2 hours, thus netting a 300+ % profit in a very very short perdio of time. Take this over 1 month (4 weekends) and it could become a very profitable business.

I will take screenshots tonight and let you all know what we buying and what we will be using as constant selling stock and what not.

Darkmoon Faire is on the way again and we will be putting two roaming DK bankers at the faire which will be buying cheap stock of herb and leather mats as well as some motes etc for sale later on.
I will also be looking into getting rare Darkmoon Cards for level 70 and 80 toons and keeping those for sale in the 2 weeks before a new darkmoon faire, since all the quick-buck sellers will be dropping the market prices on these straight after darkmoon.


Biggest tip i can give any new player would be to check selling stack sizes.

This is essance means that selling something in a stack of 4 or 5 might be a lot more profitable than selling full stacks.

A prime example would be a Alchemist wanting to make a potion which uses 4 units of Frost Lotus, now imagine the price of Frost Lotus to be 20G per stack (1g per unit).
20G is a lot when your constantly levelling your skills and thus this person only wants 1 of these potions. Spending 20G on something he will not even use half of is thus a waste and he will either buy singles of look for smaller stacks.
Now this player would rather buy the stack of 4 or 5 units for a slightly higher unit price than buy the cheap full stack so if you list 4 units at 5G you are making a 1G on market price profit and thus getting the sale instead of the guy selling the full stack.

This is very very much applicable to ore of any kind as jewelcrafters use 5 units at a time to prospect and thus dont always want stacks of 20.

When 3.2 comes out I will be posting all my titanium in stacks of 5 units and I can bet you that I will sell quicker than the person selling full stacks.

Another tip for newbies is selling stuff people want but are to lazy or stupid to go and get themselves.

A great example of this would be Stylish Black shirt which can be bought for 50Silver from a vendor in Stormwind very close to AH (will post Coords later).
I went and bought these for 50S and then went to resell on AH for 2.5G each.
I was a quick and painless profit as people were just too lazy to go and look for the vendors and for most high level players customizing their toons 2.5G for a shirt was not much.

Now im not saying that this same product would be the same on your realm but there are thousands of possible products which might have the same effect on your servers as I have with these shirts on my server.

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