Friday, July 10, 2009

I type this with heavy...


Dear reader

I am stukkend (Translation: Broken) tired.

After a week and more of serious dungeons and raids and trying to level and making gold I am dead tired.
Tired from late nights and hectic concentration.

Ok so to summerize last night.

Became a raid leader for the first time on my main, running the two raids in Silithis in Classic, those are level 60+ with a 20 man and 40 man respectively.
Was a bit of a scrable as I forgot about the raid and was planning on enjoying a night in Heroic Magisters terrace and then loving my soft bed. It was not meant to be.

Logging in with a swamp of whispers and guild requests for the raid I started getting to it.
Now for anyone who has had NO experience in handling and organising a raid; Yes it can be a daunting task but thats easily overcome if you just sit back and relax and get the job done.

Getting a group of 20 people together and running the Ruins raid, we cleared it in approx 30-45min and decided to try the 40 man Temple with about 23 members.

Here we cleared the raid quite fast with very little wipes on members except when we got to the end boss which we wiped on twice.

All in all, for my first experience as a raid leader it was fun, educating and intense at the same time. I will from now on be organising weekly raids with my guild and make sure we offer newer players all the fun to be had in WOW.

On the gold front, I have been selling frogs and more frogs. Its as if a bunch of new players have started collecting pets all of a sudden and they are hungry for froggies.
I also sorted out bank slots and realised that we have a lot of gold's worth of stock available and thus we will start to sell/clear out some of the slower levelling based mats and only keep what mats we need to either skill up and stock which sells fast.

This brings me to a good point and something I realised this morning over coffee with my fellow banker.

Keeping stock isnt always the brightest idea.

The reason I say this is because on my banker and my main I have kept bags and bags full of stuff, from ores and cloths to gear and gems, but some stuff I will never use or will only use when I changes profs etc.

Why keep the stock then? Your only using up space which could be used for faster moving stock.
For example, I am keeping +stam Gems and lots of different Ores which I am doing nothing with except waiting for better days with better selling prices. In essence all i am doing is using space for a product for x amount of time which might net me 50G in the future, but I could be using the same amount of space for a product which might only net me 20G but in a much shorter period of time and recurring.

Example of this in my case would be Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether, its sitting in a slot hoping to sell for 150-250+ Gold and I have been trying to sell it for 2 weeks now. In the same time I have sold 20+ Frogs and thus that space could have been used for cheap pets i.e. cockroach/frogs which I could sell one a day for 2 weeks, netting me a profit of 42G+ and thats almost guaranteed.

Id rather stick to the solid/constant income than use the space and time for a product which might not sell or might sell for less than expected.

Hope this helps all you gold diggers out there as I am very tired and typing with very heavy fingers.
Have a productive and profitable weekend.


  1. Well if nothing else, you have unlocked the Achievement "Successful Raid Leader". Congrats on your successful run!

  2. Thanx Rokk.
    Will be doing it again next week Thursday, so hoping we will have a much better run.

    Will more than likely go and study up tactics for the next raid.


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