Friday, May 29, 2009

Stealing Ideas: What to do when you a nooby

Was reading a interesting article at "one Copper" ( I started thinking how I would make money if I had to start agina at level 1 now.

So here goes (please bear with my limited thinking capabilities on this Friday):

If I had to start at level 1 now with no gold and limited killing and farming capabilities I would first level to 10 and then go on my assualt of the auction house.

First things first. Choosing two gathering professions would net a immediate income as low level herbs and specially ores are always wanted on the AH, but be aware that although you would like level your mining skills by smelting your ore's, first check your local AH for the difference in Ore and Bar prices as ore could be more expensive as not only do people use it to level mining quickly and easily but jewelcrafters can also use ore to prospect jewels.

Now if your going after the mining ore money making route there are a few things to remember:
  • use a add on called Auctioneer if you want to use the AH
  • if using trade (/2 TRADE) remember that trade is made for a quick easy sale, thus prices will be lower
  • have patience, as AH will net you more profit
  • MOST IMPORTANT: sell ore in stacks of 5 as prospectors can only use stacks of 5 thusdont always need 20
Using herbalism will also net you a good profit with inscriptors and alchemists trying to level as alchemist want to make potions/elixers and inscribers want to mill these herbs into pigments.
Also do a bit of research on which alchemy potions use which low level herbs and the quantities needed as sometimes its more profitable to list 2-4 units of a herb on AH instead of a entire stack.

If you want to make good gold and have enough gold for all your training and skills, then remember to NOT buy any gear i.e. weapons/armor until you reach at least level 40 as any gear you buy will be bettered in 1 or two levels of play and more than likely be bettered when you visit your next instance.

Another way of making quick gold is just taking time and watching the AH for specials.
Finding armor at a <40%>
I have found loads of ore's, armors and cloths at coppers and silvers on the AH and resold for double the amount as most newer WOW players are not using Auctioneer and thus dont know what the going prices for items are.

Another way to go are cloths.
The irritating mat, cloth of any type (Linen, Wool, Mageweave etc) will always drop from humanoids and thus normally fill all your bags and generally irritate you.
Cloth is a good money maker as most people need this for Tailoring and First aid, so once again this mat is used for two different purposes.

Try selling cloths in larger amounts in trade as most densly populated servers will have lots of people farming cloth and thus you have a better chance of selling 3-5 stacks (20units) of cloth to a private seller than selling yours at a good price with undercutting farmers on the AH.
On the lower population servers cloth is easily sold on AH, a good example would be Wool Cloth on my server which Im reselling for 2.79.79 as we dont have many farmers and people look for bigger stacks.

Hope this helps all my newer low level readers and if you take time to read my older posts you would see many tips on how I got to 1000+ G by playing normally and never farming from level 1.

Monday, May 25, 2009

'tis a week to be jolly

Hello All

So I did it!

Got 600G on saturday evening before hitting level 60. Didnt make 1K Gold like I would have wanted to, but I think that this is a clear indication of what you can do if you put your mind to it.

Logged in this morning after a weekend of meager playtime due to family (family time comes first, specially if you have a new born) seeing as I only needed about 20-30K Xp to ding 60.

Finished a quest or two and wha la, hit level 60 and the good news is that some items sold last night netting me another 50G+ thus I could do all my mage training and still have 610G left to do riding skill training.

Ive decided to go classic and get a swift Mechanostrider untill I can get a Ellek or something else BIG.

On another note, this is a teaching/tutorial blog so I have some screenies from saturday evening after a run into Scholomace and some running around in Hellfire.

Did another run into Scholomace last night quick as Im trying to get the full set of Necropile armor for my mage.

So next up is a screeny showing that I had the 600+ G on saturday evening, before hitting 60 and the items in my AH at the time.

My Plans: Storm Gauntlets are selling well, but not dramatically fast.
Bear Flank on the other hand I cant keep up with. Bought stacks on AH for 1G-2G and resold in stacks of 5 for 2.79.79, so I have been making a solid income on these alone.

Now just a little tip for early risers or daytime players. Look for 30min or less auctions (Press Scan for quickscan with no string in the search input block) and look for any good armor (blue/purple) which is 40% or price (using auctioneer addon) and no buy out price.

These listers never think about their stock actually not selling, thus thinking that the product would sell quick and people would over bid. This over confidence with the market sometimes leads to their own loss with you picking up items which are still on starting price and thus priced way lower than expected.

Last night sold a item (cant remember what....) but its a craftable Purple Leather Chest Item for 180G in Trade which I bought on AH for 136G. Meaning I made 44G for mearly passing it from one set of hands to the next.
Buyers dont put buyouts as they have not done enough research thus seeing that one such item has sold for 300G but all the new ones are listed for 230+- meaning that when they are sold off and his remains that people would once again bid to 300G to get this "sought after" item.

Thats my biggest tip for this week. Always specify a buy out price!

I might be going stealthed this week as I want to spend a bit more time with the family, so I will update asap once I get back in Wow again (will still play a bit this week but not hectically).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sidrep 23/05/2009

Hey All jsut a quick update on my monetary status.

Still on level 58 as I only finished 2 quests last night and spent the rest of the evening with my family.

So all in all I am on 382G in my bag with approx: 489G worth of auctions.
Items I have in AH are Bear Flank in stacks of 5, Blackskull Shield and Plans: Storm Gauntlets.

Now after finishing the quests for Scholomace I was rewarded with an orb which allows you to see the deseased citizens of the town around Scholomace.
Well needless to say there is a ghost vendor which sells me the Plans: Storm Gauntlets for 4G and I resell for 30-50G on AH.

Now that is a gold making tip.

Enjoy the screeny and please comment....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Level 58 and not too close to my goal

Good day and welcome to the progress report on my new challenge.

If you a first time reader ill explain:
I need to reach 600-1000G by level 60, now you might think this is easy but I was on level 56 when I gave myself this goal as to pay for trianing and riding skills/mount.
All this whilst not slowing down my game play i.e. mats grinding/mining and low level instancing for expensive sellable items.

I can only use what ever I had on me and my bank and can sell etc anything I pickup from the high level instances/quests.

Now on to my progress:

Now since level 56 I have  been in Western and Eastern Plaguelands doing quests and running the instances which are there i.e. Scholomace and Stratholm.

This screenshot show my gold; 167 G with some items on the AH which is in the following screenshot.

Now on wednesday evening I didnt quest/instance much as I was helping a friend to get some gear and gold in Gnomeregan and then took him to Gatgetzan to finish some quests. So I wasnt making money/xp at all for that evening.

Started hitting Sholomace last night with a extra run through Stratholm and in turn got some of the best gear ive seen for my class and level.

Currently on level 58 so of the gear I got was:

as well as some really good Cards which sell for 150+ G on my server.

Runecloth is a dime a dozen and if you need to make quick cash then farming runecloth in these instances and surrounding areas is a quick easy way of making some money.

With all the greens and blues I vendored I easily made 40+G and with all the gear now on auction I could in essence make 700+ G by the end of the weekend.

My stats as of this morning is as follows:

Sorry that I havnt posted a pic of my AH, ill take some screenies tonight and post them.

My Auditor says this:

But please keep in mind that this might include my bankers details as I have no idea how to work this tool.

Sorry for the sporadic updates and post right now, but my mind isnt here from lack of sleep and with that will be taking a breather with the family tonight and only play for max 1-2 hours.

So let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some luck

Hey all just a quick update.

Recently I went to Sunken Temple for the achievment and to get some good gear.
Now in the last few weeks I have been trying to get a fellow guild member a Blackskull Shield or a Wall of the Dead Shield.

I eventually found a blackskull on the AH for 120G and bought it. He didnt use it so sent it back as he levelled quickly rendering it useless and thus I sold it for 160G.

Back to Sunken temple. First mobs we kill, BANG epic drop of a blackskull shield and thus I had a second shield which I held onto and actually thought I had sent to my banker and sold on AH.

BUT no, looking at the screenshots from my previous posting I noticed something which I really didnt know was there and seeing as this falls into my rules of my new challenge, I now have a headstart on my money making goal.

So ladies and gents meet my newest 160-200G

If you think this doesnt adhere to my rules then let me know

So it has started

Hello All and welcome to my new challenge.

Long story short, I need to make in the region of 700-1000G before I hit level 60 and im already on level 56.
Now keep in mind that my aim is to do this without stalling i.e. Farming for ore hours on end or running low level dungeons (without a request from guild member to boost) for twink items etc.

This is to show that making money can be done whilst constantly concentrating on playing WOW and experiencing new places and instances.

The lowdown:
Went to eastern plaguelands last night and quested a bit running into some problems with multiple mobs and getting my arse handed to me.
I was then joined by my guild mates and ran Scholomace to get the achievement and maybe score some good gear for resale/equip.
Got some good new gear for myself such as : Wand of Biting Cold and Councillor's Circlet.

Also picked up some random drops from mobs which I then listed on the AH before it went down for maintanance.

Started off with a almost full bag and a almost full bank and 128G.
Spent a bit of that on training and mats for a quest and ended up with about 60G before going to instance.
Listed quite a few items and used the info from my research to make a good profit.

Listed stacks of 5 units of Mithril Ore on ah for 5.79.79 and they all sold.
Also listed some Steel ore which I made a profit of about 1.5-2G per stack on as I had bought Iron Bars from TRADE earlier for 8G and made the steel bars and listed for 11.79.79 and they all sold as well.

Still a few things on AH such as the prairie dog whilstle I picked up from Neutral AH for 3 and relisted for 8G on Alliance AH.

I could not see my profit or anything this morning as the servers were still offline, so you will have to wait for an update tomorrow morning to see if im heading in the right direction.

Just an update on my banker:
He is doing fine with 100+ auctions on AH with 50+ % of those being the herbs etc which I bought at the darkmoon Faire.
Pets are going slowly but epic recipes are selling like hotcakes.

Still believe my server's market is ruined as I cant even sell a White Kitten for 20G in AH.
Dont know whats going on as non essential things like pets have dropped in price and essentials have sky rocketed i.e Eternals, Mats (i.e Wool Cloth).

Now is actually the time to farm mats and sell for huge profits before the market drops again.
I will however be looking into buying up some of these really cheap pets and armor sets with the hope that they will increase in price asap.

Also started noting that Bear Flank is rediculously expensive as its the only orange meat (recipe) at skill level 250+ and thus sells quite well and for a great markup.
I know this because I have been buying some to level my cooking on my main.
Think I will be going to Winterspring to farm bear flank as it adheres to my rules for my challenge as I will be levelling and not jsut farming.

Finishing Scholomace

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Challenge

Ive been sitting here thinking about how I have let my blog go due to hard work and a busy life, but I also thought about the great times I had trying to make my first gold from NOTHING.

After half a day of thinking through meetings I have decided to set myself a new goal.

Now please dont think this will interfere with my usual gold making tips using one of my two bankers, it will however be a task for my main who is currently in Eastern Plaguelands as a Level 54 Gnome Frost Mage with Herbalism and Mining as my profs.

I actually started thinking about this last night as I would be using most of my bankers money for training and my fast mount when I hit level 60. 
Now that would not be a good thing as I like doing spur of the moment buys with my banker requiring quite a bit of gold in his tuxedo pockets.

Now the challenge:

Currently my main is sitting on roughly 50G in her bag and with this and dungeon drops I need to pay for all my training and mounts and all this within 6 levels of gameplay.

Training will be in the reagion 20-60 G for the rest once I hit 60 and my mount will be 500-600G, with hopefully an extra mount with a faction im trying to get exalted with.

I know most of you are saying; "this is easy, one Epic drop from Scholomace and your fine", I beg to differ as my chances of something like that is 0.1% at most.
I also wont cheat and purely herb/mine for the cash before hitting 60 as Im planning on hitting 60 by hopefully this weekend's end or early sometime next week.
I also wont be doing lower instances looking for twink items, rare drops as that wont make me level.


I will help my fellow guild members if they ask me to run them into a smaller instance but I will roll greed and only greed for items that are bind on equip.

Now I do have bags of stock on this toon and I feel its only fair to use some of said stock if need be to make items/sales that might pop up.
Let me know what you think...


Hey peeps

Sorry for the delay in posting but I have been hectically busy with work and my baby.

I will post updates asap.

All I can say is that it has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs as the markets are ruined by cheap sellers and idiotic buyers.

I have made a slight profit as I have lots of gold on my toons and even more, very slow moving stock in the AH.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too many things going on

Here you go a update as promised all be it a half arsed one.

So last night I logged in after the maintanance and the AH was a buzz with buying excitement to my disbelief.

Now at this stage I realized that I had a problem as my banker was in Shattrah at the darkmoon faire with about 60-100 auctions which had expired sitting in his mailbox.

What could I do? Hearth back to IF? and then get a portal back later to Shattrah or create a backup Bank Toon which will later serve as a higher level inscriber and alchemist.

What did I do? I did both!

I will introduce my new banker to you tomorrow as I forgot to load the screenshot onto mem stick before coming to the office.

But long story short.

Sent all main banker's auctions and some of the mats I bought at the Faire to the new banker (Oogyboogy) and started trading on AH as soon as I had some money for posting. Had 200G in less than 30 min, as I sold Primal Mooncloth shoulders for 62G and they were trading for 25-50 on AH (thank you TRADE channel).
Bought some more bags as well, 4 netherweave for Oogyboogy and another mining bags and a bag of Pelts (? Leatherworking bag) for a fellow guild member.

All in all my alt banker is sitting on 211G in the bag and +-800G worth of items on AH.
Main banker is on +-300G in bag with 300-500G wirth of stock in bag and bank. Almost nothing on AH.

Will post screenies tomorrow morning as an update so you can see the items I have on AH.

One lucky thing:
Bought 25 Large Brilliant Shard a few days ago on TRADE for cheap cheap, I think it was something like 20G and sold off 20 single units on AH yesterday for 3.79.79 each.

Got some Eternal Belt Buckles from my supplier after getting Eternal Shadow at half price in a direct buy from TRADE and listed three out of the two this morning. Listed at 45G which is slightly higher than some of the other sellers but hopefully the post-maintanace buying spree will see these sold quickly.

Did do quite a bit of questing last night with my main mage gnome and I got from 45-47 by doing quests in Badlands and surrounding areas.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Off topic:

Visit my city:

REgular WOW updates will resume tomorrow morning after I have levelled a bit more tonight!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cool site for you level 70+'s in Northrend

Found a great link in my eternal search for mats for eternal belt buckles.

For level 70+'s only as we normal mortals will only die there and more than likely not be able to set foot there.

Next to my homie.... for a week!

Well, I started yesterday morning with my week long dredge of waiting and buying at the Darkmoon Faire.

Been buying herbs, leather, mote's, eterenals, potions and scrolls for a day and a bit now and already I have had to travel to shatrah to empty my bags a little.

I even bought another 28 Slot mining bag on Trade for 38G to fit more stuff into my bank, but to no avail. My bags are still getting full so im resorting to mailing my alt mage to make space.

So to let you know:
Bought about 9-10 Wood Frog Box's as they cost 1G and sell for about 12-16G per unit on AH.
Bought some potions for use on my main toon as I run out of health and mana potions real quick on her.
Bought some scrolls:
Scroll of Int IV = for my main as Int buff for mana
Scroll of Int VII = for level 70's and selling for 1-2G each on AH
and a few more scrolls

Below is a screeny of my bags this morning after a half clean last night and just before I went and got the extra bags and bought some more herbs and frogs and stuff (so I have more now).

Total spent on mats (bags not included) so far at Darkmoon: +-100-140G
Stock worth in bags and bank and mail: +-300-500! Gold So its a huge profit margin and the weeks only started.

Its going to be tough selling these slow for a constant income and having stock when the prices shoot up.
Please let me know waht you think.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What ive done since level 1

Just a short post to make people understand where my money has gone and that anyone can do this:
  • I started a guild (didnt pay anyone to sign)
  • Bought myself 11 netherweave bags for main toon and her bank slots.
  • Bought main character 7 bank slots.
  • Bought Bank Alt 5 Bank Slots and filled those with Mammoth Mining Bag, Enchanter's Satchel and 3 more netherweave bags.
  • Bought Bank Alt 4 Netherweave bags for himself
  • Bought the guild two bank tabs (100G for first and 250G for second, they helped with about 30G of those amounts)
  • Got some of the best gear for my level 45 Mage, via buying specials in trade and questing
  • Supplied Guild bank with +-50-100G worth of stock (mats, armor, weapons for all levels)
  • all toons bank bags are 80-100% full of stock
By simply taking some time researching and reading I have made more money than the average lvl 40+.
By doing this I do not have any problems buying anything I need and getting the training needed to enable my mage to be as strong as she can be and thus be a beneficial member to groups/party's i find myself in. 

Markets and naive buyers.

After concentrating on leveling my mage (now Lvl45) and leveling my better half's Shaman (lvl 19), I started looking at selling twinks and finding rare drops worth lots of gold.

See, I still think its better to still play the game and make good gold, thus world drops (rare) are good sources of money whilst still leveling.

This move was inspired by a recent blog by Skrooge titled: Twink'd

I will add on to a twink/expensive item list as I go along.

After researching items/gear to go kill for and sell, I actually found a few underpriced items on the AH saturday morning on my server.
Picked up quite a few items for Silvers when they are worth 25-73G per item.

Naive or just plain stupid buyers.
What I mean by this is that I would, for instance, offer Night Watch Shortsword or Thorbia's Gauntlets on the TRADE channel and someone would whisper me instantly offering i.e. 18G, but auctioneer tells me after weeks of scans that approx 10-20 units have sold at a average price of 56G.

Now sometimes I sell from the AH, meaning I would have something on for 10G Bid and 20G Buyout, but whilst scanning (+-15-20Min) I sell my auction item for 15G in Trade.

So as im selling these and get these offers, I tell them that the prices are 40-50G, and heres the clencher.

Buyer = "wowhead/wowwiki/thollbot says it should be 15G but im prepared to offer 18G"
Me = "my scanner says its 56G on buy out normally and please remember that our market is not thollbots market"
Buyer = "but no level 20 will have that sort of money, I also scan the auction house" (?WTF?)
Me = ...i then explain the average prices and such to the guy/gal...
Buyer = "so will you take 18G?"

WTF?? , the sad part is I go through this about 4 times per items.
How can people be that stupid? Its like telling me 16Gb USB Drives are only 2$ in China (dollar equivalent) but here they cost 80$.
Markets are so different and prices are due to consumer need and supply.

Like I said in previous blogs, on Terokkar the price of Eternal Shadow has gone from +-19G per 5 units to 80-100G in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

Look I do eventually sell these Twink items and rare drops but it takes time, so a profit of 25-50G on a item is worth the wait and cost of relisting.

Tonight though I will be looking for another little pet and being 20 levels higher than the mobs, ill be able to farm a few for this drop and spend the rest of the evening on leveling the shaman.
That little pet is: Tiny Crimson Whelpling as this retails on AH for 150-300G on my server.

PS: As a note, paid 8G for a damn portal to Shatrah this morning for my banker as the darkmoon faire is back in town. Already spent +-6G on items and auctioneer tells me that its worth 30-40G already. Will post tonight or tomorrow morning on my weekly AH fast as Im only standing at the faire spending money, not even going to town or for a toilet break.

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